William Ashtonbury

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William Ashtonbury is best remembered as the man who killed Markus Rumbiak. Ashtonbury’s career before challenging Rumbiak to a duel is a little nebulous; there is no mention of him in the employment records of the East Gallaga Company before the fateful exchange of body piercings.

Ashtonbury slipped out of Tanah Burung very soon after Rumbiak’s death. He hung onto the back of the Company employment sheets for some time, doing service as an officer with the Seventh Bengal Rifles in Gallaga, before resurfacing as a key operative during the Corporate Yoke. Ashtonbury’s exact rôle in the Yoke is not known for certain, as the corporate powers destroyed many of their records while withdrawing from Ianapalis.

One of Ashtonbury’s last duties included transporting High King James III to safety as revolutionary forces closed in on Jameston Place. However, a royalist party led by Sir Richard Tri, the First Sea Lord, snuck into Jameston before the task could be completed and interrupted Ashtonbury’s evacuation plans. Ashtonbury was able to delay the party by challenging Sir Richard to a duel and running him through. Ashtonbury then vanished.

He has last been seen in Allanea where he is rumoured to lead the Ashtonbury Brigade.