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Name of Great Bight's regime in the North Pacific. Great Bight never revealed what the acronym stands for. Common theories for the acronym's origin are the lingo of the French Pirates, the word that Architeuthis uses in lieu of "hello," or possibly "hello" in French as a member of ALSO is an Aussi, which is French for "also." All of these theories are conjecture.

Government Actions

ALSO made several controversial decisions in its control of the North Pacific, mostly related to its role as a regional government.

Executive Order Number One

The ALSO government's legal writ of operation was its Executive Order Number One, a sort of "Civil Code" for the North Pacific. It read as follows:

"To combat terrorism and ensure a more secure North Pacific for its peoples and nations, the charges herein are punishable by various methods of torture, execution, or banishment.
  • 001: Being an enemy of the North Pacific.
  • 002: Engaging in attempts to subvert the government of the North Pacific and the North Pacific State.
  • 003: Belonging to a subversive organization, or being a subscriber to an insurgent methodology.
  • 004: Partaking in an activity that jeopardizes the security of the North Pacific State.
  • 005: Waging war against the North Pacific.
  • 006: Assisting those seeking to do harm to the North Pacific.
  • 007: Being a party to suspicious activities.
  • 008: Residency in the North Pacific with the specific intent of causing terror or disruption of governmental procedure.
  • 009: Collaboration with an enemy of the North Pacific.
  • 010: Surviving execution. Survivors are always to be shot again.

Other Actions

The "Number One" implied that there would be more laws to follow. Among these were, theoretically, Alien and Sedition Act-type bills, and a "Final Solution for the Ninja question." However, the ALSO government was overthrown and fled to Germany before these could be codified or enforced.



The government of the North Pacific during this time operated under an executive head, Great Bight, a High Court, and a legislature called the Assembly. Members of the Assembly were called deputies and membership seems to have been awarded based on loyality. The National Assembly was intended to have more voice in affairs, but this was sporadic in operation. In the ALSO government the head of state was also the leader of the Assembly and chief of the High Court.


There were other governmental departments under the "Public Opinion and Organization Sector" and were subordinate to the National Assembly. A public list of the three:

Ministry of External Relations

The MoER was similar to any Foreign Ministry of State Department of a region. The only thing of note was its function as the headquarters of the Foreign Diplomatic Corps, responsible for recruitment and (some would claim) interregional propaganda.

Ministry of Information

"The Ministry of Information is charged with collecting information for public consumption and highlighting regional guidelines." This ministry has also been accused of creating propoganda.

Ministry of Internal Policy

The Ministry of Internal Policy was largely responsible for most of the administrative affairs of the region and for the drafting of many of its laws. It was also the headquarters of the Iron Guard, ALSO's secret police.

The Milice

The Milice was a rumored fourth ministry, possibly a foreign intelligence and sabotage service. Its headquarters (if it existed) were never found. There is no evidence as to its existence other than various Aussi officials would allude to it in speeches or private correspondence from time to time.

The French Connection

There is evidence that ALSO is based off of the rule of Marshall Petain of RL Vichy France. Reasons for this include:

  • The formal name of the North Pacific during this period, "the North Pacific State" is similar to the name of France under the Vichy France regime, "the French State."
  • The identical insignia of the High Court and Great Bight was a nearly identical copy of Marshall Petain's (a tricolor flag cut diagonally, modelled after the French flag, with the blue replaced by black--a symbol of the Black Flag, a common motif among the Aussi).
  • Its seal was a circle cut from a scene of the French Revolution --a platform where one man holds the rope to a guillotine, and another holds up the severed head of (it is assumed) Louis XIV.
  • The Milice is rumored to have been like the Milice of Vichy France.
  • The Assembly was modeled after the French National Assembly.