Great Bight

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Halls of Memory Member
Great Bight
Delegate to The North Pacific

Known as the Pirate delegate of the North Pacific, Great Bight operated from the semi-unexplained quasi-government of ALSO. Was completely unknown until he suddenly found himself as the most endorsed nation in the region. Ushered in a 'Reign of Terror' that lasted exactly forty days, before being deposed and quickly disappearing afterwards.

The ADN has propogated the idea that Great Bight was a member of the NPO, supposedly based on irrefutable evidence provided by The Meritocracy, but has not divulged any such evidence to the public. It is unlikely the truth about Great Bight will ever be known.

1 Infinite Loop claims that Great Bight is not NPO.

Other intelligence claims stated that Great Bight may have come from another group unrelated to the NPO. They believe that Great Bight was part of a French/Pirate invader group who later went on to conquer the region United States. However, sufficient proof has not been found to prove these claims conclusively.