Alexander Kirillovich Kazansky

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Alexander Kirillovich Kazansky
President of the United States of Allanea
United States of Allanea
Permanently frozen at 18.

President for Life of the United States of Allanea

Former Arch-Treasurer of Greater Prussia

Perhaps the single most important character in Allanean history, Allanea’s eternally young President Alexander Kirillovich Kazansky has been described by his critics as ‘Harry Potter who grew up and got a gun’. Indeed, that saying has a measure of truth to it. Alexander’s face looked like it was eternally frozen in time, staying 18 forever. The man was rumoured to have various supernatural abilities, having personally fought in the First through Third Edolian War and many other conflicts and survived many experiences which have not been known as survivable previously. He has survived the dungeons of Angband, and near-direct hits with nuclear weapons, for example. A Liangite strike force, led by Captain of the Barukzigil Nilozor, killed the being, but he returned to bodily form later.

During the One Day War Kazansky was away, testing (in Menelmacari-controlled space) the first Anne Coulter Mark VI space fighter, functioning on the principle of the Kazansky Mark II drive that he developed.

Rumours that the late president has been in love with lady Miriel nos Feanor are based on the diaries of the late Cecil B Demented, a famous Allanean fraud and filmmaker and, given the biography of Demented, are not very credible.

On April 19th, 2005 [RL date], Alexander Kazansky resigned the presidency.


Kazansky is a controversial figure on the international scene, to say the least, and various intelligence agencies are said to be out to kill him including the AIVD. The crown of Greater Prussia and the Government of Sentient Peoples had an outstanding bounty on his head that was claimed when he was killed by the combined Liang-Revenia team. (see below).

An accusation by the international community is that Kazansky is guilty of aggressive imperialism and various war crimes. He is especially notorious in the international community for the invasion of Edolian Axackal, which started the Fourth Edolian War and the One Day War. By extension, he is accused of not surrendering or negotiating in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds and untold human suffering, thereby extending both wars and immensely increasing the number of casualties. While the cause of the One Day War is disputed, many describe it as caused by Allanean inability to compromise with the nations of Mars in a war, while Allanea holds that it was an concerted act of aggression. Kazansky is said to have had no involvement in the start of this war as he was away, but others accuse the President-for-life of creating the conditions neccecery to make the war possible. Knootian-Allanean correspondence when the ships had already engaged also casts doubt on the level of involvement that Kazansky had.

As Prime Minister Lousewies van der Laan later wrote on the Fourth Edolian War: “To us it is incomprehensible that millions of men […] killed and tortured each other either because Kazansky was ambitious or Erik von Blätterschplitt was firm, or the Axackali people wronged. We cannot grasp what connection such circumstances have with the actual fact of slaughter and violence: why because the Axackali people were wronged, millions of men from the other side of Haven killed and ruined the people of Allanea and were killed by them.” This sentiment also led to the perception in the international community that an independent and armed Allanea was, and always will be, is a threat to peace and regional security. The later Prime Minister Galadriël Táralóm nos Círdan said about the situation: “The question of an armed Allanea under Kazansky cannot come up now or even in the future. Allanea still has no peace treaty. It has no army, and it must have none. It has no weapons, and it will have none… the basic concerns of the peace-loving nations are precisely the disarmament of Allanea and the assurance that no dangerous leadership will gain power there."