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Princess Christiana
Official Positions
Board Member, Cardinal Duras Memorial Fund; Imperial Humanitarian Assistance and Development Fund. Majority Shareholder of Peacock Holdings Group.
Civil Status
The Princess is a popular target for paparazzi and the tabloids.

Princess Christiana is the youngest child of Emperor David III. While she was raised in a fairly strict and proper environment, she exhibited the characteristics of a free spirit at an early age. In one famous incident, at the age of eight she ran into a formal reception at the Imperial Palace in order to show her father, the Emperor, a backflip that she had just learned in gymnastics class.

After high school, she broke family tradition by forgoing studies at Imperial College at Excalbia University or the University of Landing in favor of studying abroad. Completing only four semesters at various European and North American universtities, the Princess returned and completed her studies in architecture and urban planning at Windmere University.

Although the Princess has rarely been without male compansionship, she has remained unmarried. Some have rumoured that on occasion the Princess has also sought the companionship of other women. The Imperial Household has strongly denied such rumours.

The Princess' fastpaced lifestyle did slow somewhat after the death of her oldest brother, Prince Paul, and his wife, Princess Helena, in 1997. The Princess, along with her brother, Prince David, agreed to share guardianship for her teenage nephew, Prince Peter. After her brother ascended the throne as Emperor David IV in 1998, Princess Christiana took even greater responsibility for her nephew.

In recent years, Princess Christiana has focused on charitable work, serving as a Member of the Board of both the Imperial Humanitarian Assistance and Development Fund and the Cardinal Duras Memorial Fund, which had been established jointly by Pantocratoria, Excalbia and several other nations.

Most recently, the Princess has acquired 48% of Peacock Holdings Group, one of Pantocratoria's largest corporations. In order to keep a better eye on her investment, it is reported that Princess Christiana will be establishing a residence in New Constantinople, Pantocratoria.

The Princess has one adopted son, Lord Tariq of Mezciems. Young Tariq, a Pantocratorian of Turkish origin, lost his parents in a corporate-sponsored pogrom against rent delinquents in the outskirts of New Contantinople. After being granted custody of Tariq in Pantocratoria, Princess Christiana formally adopted him in Excalbia. Tariq was later created the Lord of Mezciems by his adopted uncle, the Emperor.