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Prince Peter
Official Title
Prince of Kuldiga
Civil Status
Married to Gwendolyn, Grand Duchess of Shieldcrest
His father, Prince Paul, was heir to the throne prior to his death. His uncle is Emperor David IV.

Prince Peter's father, Prince Paul, was the eldest son of Emperor David III and the designated heir to the throne. Peter, as the only child of the heir to the throne, grew up expecting to eventually succeed his father as emperor of the Holy Empire of Excalbia. In 1997, Peter's world was turned upside down when his parents, Prince Paul and Princess Helena, died in a tragic accident. Peter, about to graduate from secondary school, became a ward of his aunt, Princess Christiana, and his uncle, Prince David. His grandfather's death in 1998 brought his uncle to the throne as Emperor David IV. Peter, already feeling deprived of his birthright, was further removed from the line of succession when his uncle officially designated his cousin - Prince Joseph - as the heir apparent in 2004.

Despite the tragedy in his life, Peter has generally maintained a carefree outer appearance. At university, he excelled in sports, particularly swimming, and in drama. While Peter took the routine military training usually provided to members of the Imperial family, unlike his cousin Joseph, he has never served on active duty. However, he does hold a ceremonial commission as a junior lieutenant in the Imperial Navy.

Peter was known within court circles for falling in love rather quickly and then being disappointed when the object of his affection did not share his feelings. While in the court of Prince Andreus, the Despot of New Constantinople in Pantocratoria, Peter became infatuated with Andreus' cousin, Princess Helen. Later, Peter seemed to be intent on courting Grand Duchess Vicotira of the Danaan High Kingdom of The Resurgent Dream.

In the wake of his failure to court Grand Duchess Vicotira, he met the then-Duchess Gwendolyn, who had accompanied Vicotira on a state visit to Excalbia. Peter began courting Gwendolyn with the same passion he had earlier shown for Helen and Vicotira. This time, however, he found his affections returned. In time, court sources report, Peter grew confident in Gwendolyn's affections, which seemed to allow the prince to take a few steps forward in maturity and commitment.

Peter and Gwendolyn, who by then had become the Grand Duchess of Shieldcrest, were married in Tarana the day after her brother Owain's coronation as High King and the on the same day as Owain's marriage. Peter now resides primarily in Shieldcrest.