David Benson

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David Benson
Position:Left Midfielder
U21 Caps:0
U21 Goals:0
Clubs Played For:Jhanna City,Internashionale
Teams Managed:Hecia
Starblaydia All-Time XI Nomination

David Benson was, at 23, the was the youngest player Starblaydia sent to the World Cup 15 Qualifiers, their first attempt at Qualification for the World Cup. The young Jhanna City player found in training that he had the potential for a great on-field partnership with Stefan Haldorsson. When Stefan took the left-sided midfield berth, David was given a shot on the right side of midfield.

This was because of this excellent cross-field partnership with Stefan, that Internashionale tabled a large offer for David, which Jhanna accepted. David then joined in with Inter's excellent midfield and got to link up with Haldorsson for the rest of their careers in argueably the best Starblaydi club midfield ever.

Fast and a neat crosser, David was always ready to get back and defend like his life depended on it.