Jhanna City

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Jhanna City
LeagueLiga Starblaydia
ManagerSteve Owens
StadiumJader Barbahlo Stadium

Jhanna City


JCFC have always played with a gung-ho style full of gusto, high on effort and determination, though perhaps something light on skills.

Though Aiden Matranga (and his son Itechton) are the most famous players, the most notorious is Paulo Bachchan, who was imprisoned for a period of six months for assault. City was also host to the only Lamonian playing outside of his home nation. JCFC broke the mould by signing Liga Starblaydia's first ever women - Martiia Rawaii and Cherry Garcia.


Champions, Liga Starblaydia Season 6
Runners Up, Liga Starblaydia Season 4
Winners, Starblaydi Alpha Division

Famous Players

Aiden Matranga


Jhanna City play in Blue and White stripes with Blue shorts and socks.

Starting XI

 Season 4 Team (4-3-3)
 Pos     Name                 Nationality
 GK      Thaddeus Gonzalez    Starblaydi
 RB      Johnny Brownell      Starblaydi
 LB      Bobby Edmond         Starblaydi
 CB      Tulio Arizmendi      Vilitan
 CB      Velios Kenerikos     Starblaydi
 DM      Brandon Bonilla      Vilitan
 R/CM    Augusto Diaz         Starblaydi
 L/CM    Martiia Rawaii       Turori
 LW      Contall Rumaoa       Vilitan
 AM/SC(c)Itechton Matranga    Starblaydi   
 RW      Cherry Garcia        Starblaydi

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Iskara Daii
Liga Starblaydia Champions
Season 6
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