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Flag of Emakera
Motto: "Per Aspera Pro Emakera"
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Region Europa
Capital Paço
Official Language(s) Portuguese
Leader Richard Haller
Population about 80 million
Currency Dinheiro 
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The People´s Republic of Emakera (Pronunced "Eh-Mah-Kah-Rah") is a small nation, located at the far southeast of Europa. It borders the WORLD of PIRILAO on north.


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Emakera is ruled by Richard Haller, a Dictator who is seen as a father by the population of Emakera-- which doesn´t means that they love him. He is both the head of state and head of government. The legislature includes the Deputados (Deputies) and Senadores (Senators), who actually provides some opposition to the goverment sometimes. Although the dictator has absolute power over the legislative, he rarely acts against their decisions, partly because of the severe punishments that oppositors suffered in Emakera´s early days, which still reminds to the legislative that is not a healthly thing to act against Richard´s will.


Emakera is characterized by it´s mountains and rainy climate, and it´s lack of major rivers. There are lots of small forests around the country, whose´s trees grow big and strong probably because of the large amount of uranium in the underground.


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Emakera´s population consists mostly of Brazilian settlers and native peoples, the Emakeran being the most known of them. Since intermarriage between the settlers and the natives is really usual in Emakera, most of the people have mixed ancestry in some degree. Everyone born in the country is treated as emakeran, independent of heritage, and racism is a unbailable crime.

Ethnicity and Race

According to the latest census:

-Portuguese (45%) -African (30%) -Emakeran (20%) -Unspecified (4%) -other people (1%)


Portuguese is the only official language of Emakera, and there are few regional variances. It is virtually the only language used in schools, newspapers, radio and TV, and for all business and administrative purposes.

The language spoken in Brazil (and thus, in Emakera too) is slightly different from that spoken in Portugal and other Portuguese-speaking countries. Brazilian Portuguese is more archaic than European Portuguese, and has some phonological and orthographic differences, although mutual comprehension is not affected.


Emakera has no official religion, and citizens are free to have their own faiths and beliefs. Most of the population is part of a Evangelical Protestant denomination, being the Assembléia de Deus (Assembly of God) the most common. Roman Catholicism is also a common faith in Emakera, together with African faiths like Candomblé and Macumba. There is also a relatively large number of muslims in the country, who totals 5% of the population. One the most important minor faiths in the country, the Richard Haller sect is almost as powerful as the catholic church, although it´s usually mocked, even by the Dictator, who sees this sect as an attempt to get attention from him.


According to the latest census:

Evangelical Protestant (45%), Roman Catholic (30%), Afro-emakeran faiths (15%), Islam (5%), Other Faiths (3%), No religion (2%)


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Flora and Fauna

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