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Population: ca. 300 nations
Delegate: Orioni 2 (aka. Orioni)
Founder: The Europa Empire (aka. Europa)
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Europa (ew-roe'-pə, juˈroʊpə; Greek Ευρώπη; listen) is one of the largest regions in NationStates, with just over 250 to 300 nations to its name (and growing every single day). As a region Europa offers hospitality to any form of government, whether kingdoms, democracies, empires, or disputed territories. The region has both an impressive role-play department, and an active government as well.

There is no discrimination or rejection from the region without a significant reason. One of the only rules about acceptance into the region is regarding membership of invader regions, as Europa is vehemently against invading for no reason, although she does have a reasonable military force to defend her and her allies. Together with an active founder and delegate, this region is quite the stronghold of democracy, and a ideal region for anyone who is looking for a great time.

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Official map of Europa


No one knows the exact date on which the region was created. The founder recalls that he came across the region when it had only one nation left, with no founder or delegate. When this nation ceased to exist, the region was refounded by The Europa Empire. This happened somewhere at the end of december 2003.

Nations trickled in by themselves and soon there were five of them. The founder started sending out recruitment telegrams and the region grew, raising the number to ten. The numbers went up and down for quite a while. During these first months of 2004, Orioni chose Europa as a home and replaced Freedomistic Peoples as the delegate.

May 9th was an important day for the region: the forum was created. It started with a blue-and-orange skin. At that time there were about 20 nations in Europa. On the last day of may that number had risen to 88 and this explosive growth continued: 125 at the end of July, 150 mid-August, and the 200th nation arrived on October the 8th. By the end of 2004, Europa was home to about 250 nations, making it one of the largest player-created regions in NationStates.

In 2005 the region shrunk again to about 225 nations, but the forums were full of activity. Numerous embassies were established, and experienced players from other region joined our ranks. By the end of 2005, thanks to a great effort by some honorable senators, Europa again knew a steady growth.

At the beginning of our third year 2006, the region was met with great challenges. With the first official senate elections, the region allowed even more democracy then there already was. More new members joined, attracted by the extraordinary role-playing..

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Coat of Arms of Europa


There is a compact, elected government of respectable member nations, which are voted into office according to the Constitution of Europa. The government controls the forum as admin and moderators, and is mainly made up of senior nations who have been in the region for a long period of time and have contributed to the region in a positive way. All current and previous governments are listed bellow.

Early Cabinet (Pre-Senate)

(Sorted by order of registration at the forum.)

  • Europa: Founder of Europa, administrator of the forum.
  • Orioni: Long standing delegate of Europa, administrator of the forum.
  • Vanarambaion: Supreme Commander of Europa's army, moderator of governmental and military departments.
  • Karpathos: Ambassador from Greece, officer in Europa's army, moderator of the military department.
  • Byzantium Nova: Regional Cartographer, co-moderator of role-play department.
  • Stoned Smurfs: Technically not a Gov member, he is a controversial but much loved senior member of Europa, co-moderator of role-play department.
  • Phil IV: Minister of Pies and other miscellaneous activities, officer in Europa's army.
  • Paranoid Schizos: Newest government member, soldier in Europa's army.

Cabinet 4/4 2005 (Oct-Dec)

  • Senators: Akiiryu, Phil IV, Senator Gaius, Tagmatium Rules, Tamurin, Vanarambaion.

Cabinet 1/4 2006 (Jan-Mar)

  • Senators: Adaptus, Akiiryu, Ide Jima, Pirilao, Tamurin.
  • Minister of Internal Affairs & Migration: Paranoid Schizos.
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Tagmatium Rules.
  • Minister of Security: Vanarambaion.
  • General of the Army: Scipii.

Cabinet 2/4 2006 (Apr-Aug)

  • Senators: Adaptus, Ide Jima, Pirilao, Rekamgil, Tamurin.
  • Minister of Internal Affairs & Migration: Paranoid Schizos; later replaced by Orioni
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Tagmatium Rules.
  • Minister of Security: Vanarambaion; later replaced by Adaptus.
  • General of the Army: Deltannia.

Cabinet 3/4 2006 (Aug-Sep)

  • Senators: -
  • Minister of Internal Affairs & Migration: -
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: -
  • Minister of Security: -

Cabinet 4/4 2006 (Oct-Dec)

  • Senators: -
  • Minister of Internal Affairs & Migration: -
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: -
  • Minister of Security: -

UN Delegates

Foreign Affairs

The following regions have strong ties with Europa. This good relationship has created an alliance between Europa and the following regions:

Besides defensive alliances, the region is also on friendly terms with: Canada, Equilism, Federation of Allied Nations, Great Britain and Ireland, Hyrule, Lemuria, Moksha, Nasicournia, Q102, The New Meritocracy, The Proletariat Coalition.

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