Goonmirk Rocks

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Goonmirk Rocks
Nation: Errinundera
Province: Plateau
District: Shining
Sacred Tree: ARNERSAW
Function: Botany
Population: Muddy

Goonmirk rocks is situated at the highest point of the Errinundera Plateau (although Mt Ellery is higher). Located in the Shining district, it is another of the peculiar Errinundrian tree villages.

The village is best known for its botanical college, the Podocarp Institute, and its mud. Indeed, the locals call their city flag the "Three Tans" while outsiders call it the "Three Shades of Goonmirk Mud".

News Media: Goonmirk Rocks Illustrated News


Above: ARNERSAW as pictured early in the twentieth century. Below: A track near Goonmirk Rocks in the heart of the plateau.