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Many communities in Errinundera have a sacred tree. This is where births, deaths and marriages are celebrated; mayors perform their civic duties; magistrates administer the law; and children swing from the branches.

For villages the sacred tree is inextricably a part of its life. Should such a tree die it is as if the village has lost its very soul. Whole villages have gone walkabout in search of a new sacred tree. More often the inhabitants drift apart and become absorbed into the multitudes of Errinundera. See Errinundera news media archive: A GIANT FALLS. The repercussions of the demise of this tree in Rodger River provide an insight into the obsessions of Errinundrians.

Despite this, the communities often treat their sacred trees with considerable familiarity - even sometimes giving them quite profane names (see Fanny Moo). Rodger River almost named their current tree OVAFELLATE (ie, "go suck eggs").

The custom in Errinundera is to use Capital Letter Technology for sacred trees. This custom is followed assiduously.

The Sacred Tree Registry in Goongerah is entrusted with overseeing all aspects of their management - even down to approving their names. It employs a large team of arborists who constantly monitor the trees' health and wellbeing.

Most sacred trees are eucalypts although a small number belong to other genera. Notably Cuttlefish Island has an araucaria, Sassafras Basin unsurprisingly a southern sassafras, and Bonang a steel pole.

Errinundera's sacred trees