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Flag of Errinundera
Motto: Please leave meat, leather, guns and cars in bin provided

Satellite View (large file)

Southern Escarpment

Region Forest
Capital First Creek Falls
Official Language(s) English

Oo (or U)


Japanese (Cuttlefish Island)








Many other semi-official animal languages

Leader not applicable
Population over 6 billion
Currency bola (β) 
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The Rainforest Communities of Errinundera is a nation of left wing eccentrics who prize highly their civil and political rights. Even more highly prized is their magnificent, densely forested environment. The great forests extend thoughout the central, eastern and southern areas, where most people live in trees. The deforested north and the drier Snowy River valley to the west lack suitable trees so the people there are housed more conventionally. Government is highly de-centralised with most decisions being made at the village, town or suburb level.

There are no police or armed forces and no controls on movement, even across borders. Property is deemed to be communal so private ownership is irrelevant and theft insignificant even if widespread to outside eyes. Errinundrians have a well developed sense of their rights and responsibilities and frequently take matters into their own hands, especially when taking reprisals against egregrious commercial enterprises and bothersome government institutions. The Parliament House in First Creek Falls is frequently set alight. It is little wonder that the United Nations describes political freedoms in Errinundera as either "widely abused" or "excessive".

Errinundrians are communitarian, frivolous in many ways but self-righteous in others, unambitious mostly and non-materialistic entirely. Their greatest dread is bushfire which is odd given they are a nation of arsonists.

NS Status

  • Original join date: 24 December 2002
  • Nation lapsed: 23 November 2003
  • Resurrected: 23 November 2005
  • Elected Forest United Nations delegate: 3 May 2006
  • Lost delegate status: 19 November 2006
  • Regained delegate status: 23 November 2006
  • Resigned from the United Nations and relinquished delegate status: 28 February 2007
  • Re-founded Forest: 9 June 2007

The Forests of Errinundera

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">FirstCreekSmall.jpg
Cool temperate rainforest above First Creek Falls.

To understand Errinundrians you must appreciate their relationship with the forest. They have a saying, “Errinundera is forest; forest is Errinundera” that encapsulates this relationship. The abstract political fiction that is the nation Errinundera is made real by the forest. Citizens of the nation are, therefore, a part of the forest. They do not call the nation “home”; they call the forest “home”. Ask a travelling Errinundrian where they come from and they will answer, “the forest” or “outside the forest”, as the case may be. Even today, most people live in the trees. To destroy the forest is to destroy their home.

The preferred trees used for homes are all eucalypts: shining gum, brown barrel, mountain ash, alpine ash, mountain grey gum, manna gum and messmate; but it is the misty cool temperate rainforest of the central plateau and surrounding areas that are cherished most by Errinundrians. And most loved of all trees of the montane rainforest are the conical shaped southern sassafras with its nutmeg scent and the tree waratah with its spectacular red flowers. Down on the forest floor the national animal, the long-footed potoroo, frolics freely.

From the Errinundera Dreamtime

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">ElleryCampSmall.jpg
A giant of the Errinundera forest: PELLOCAR, the sacred tree of Ellery Camp.

In the Dreamtime there was the forest and the spirit of the forest was Errinu. It was he who gave life to the plants and spread them far and wide. He abided in the largest tree in the very heart of the forest from where he could see to all corners of his domain. There were no rivers or animals in those days. The trees were nourished by the soil and by the constant mists that lay upon the forest. But Errinu was unhappy and he knew not why.

One day in the glade before the Errinu tree the mist took living form and Undra danced in a slow, weaving movement before the great tree. She danced for the joy of existence and was sure the tree made this so. Errinu thought she was beautiful, more beautiful than any living thing in his forest and wondered about this. Many times afterwards Undra returned, her spirit only able to form in the glade before Errinu. Alhough they could not speak to each other their love grew.

Over time Undra’s courage also grew and she penetrated the bark of Errinu to abide with him thereafter. From their bountiful union sprung the moving things of the forest floor: the animals and the people that came to be called Oo; and the streams and rivers that came to be called Be.


<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">Walhalla.jpg
Cars are banned in Errinundera.

Errinundera's political compass

Errinundrians are very proud of their left wing economic values and their social libertarianism. The maximum scores possible are -10 in both categories.

  • Economic Left/Right: -9.88
  • Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -9.90


Forest comparative as at 27/12/2006

The Forest Human Development Index considers 3 factors:

  • Alleviation of poverty - the gross domestic product per capita
  • Health - the amount of money spent on health per capita
  • Education - the amount of money spent on education per capita

The Sustainable Development Index also considers money spent on the environment and public transport.

Errinundera scores poorly in both indices because of its low level of economic activity and low tax rates. This is despite high percentage expenditure on education and the environment.

The data is compiled at the McKillops Bridge Polytechnic in Errinundera. View Methodology. View the latest Forest region results.

United Nations Reports

The United Nations publishes regular reports on various aspects of the almost 90,000 NationStates. Errinundera is very proud of its record in several areas. Some of the more notable report cards are listed below.

  • Highest Unemployment Rate: 44th (23/07/07, prev 51st)
  • Lowest Police Ratios: 85th (26/04/07, prev 86th)
  • Least Safe Nation: 142nd (26/07/07, prev 208th)
  • Most Rebellious Youth: 142nd (08/08/07, prev 145th)
  • Slowest Growing Economy: 214th (08/04/07, prev 208th)
  • Least Subsidised Industry: 216th (15/04/07, prev 271st)
  • Highest Crime Rate: 230th (09/04/07, prev 372nd)
  • Most Eco-Friendly Government: 349th (18/08/07, prev 409th)
  • Smallest Defence Force (per cap): 390th (17/09/07, prev 422nd)
  • Most Beautiful Environment: 399th (05/09/07, prev 549th)
  • Best Weather: 456th (15/09/07, prev 462nd)
  • Least Devout: 461st (17/08/07, prev 406th)
  • Smallest Woodchipping Industry: 497th (02/09/07, prev 564th)
  • Nicest Citizens: 630th (07/08/07, prev 680th)
  • Least Rude: 636th (22/08/07, prev 612th)
  • Smallest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 673rd (19/03/07)
  • Most Compassionate Citizens: 717th (20/06/07, prev 688th)
  • Most Politically Active: 755th (29/11/06, prev 446th)
  • Most Politically Free: 1,054th (10/09/07, prev 742nd)
  • Happiest Citizens: 1,462nd (20/01/07, prev 1,479th)
  • Smartest Citizens: 2,349th (29/07/07, prev 2,609th)
  • Smallest Poor-Rich Divide: 2,874th (09/09/07, prev 5,976th)
  • Nudest: 3,252nd (02/04/07, prev 3,581st)
  • Most income equality: 4,075th (20/08/07, prev 5,966th)
  • Largest Nation: 5,332nd (18/09/07, prev 5,421st)
  • Most Extreme: 8,454th (05/08/07, prev 6,894th)


Errinundera is a highly decentralised, communitarian nation. Authority is vested in two institutions found in every village, town or suburb - the Mayor and the Magistrate.

Mayors and Magistrates

The Mayor is elected by universal franchise of citizens in the mayoral zone. The national constitution places strict rules on the elections to ensure they are as fair and democratic as possible. Elections must be held every three years or less. It is quite common for mayoral elections to be held every year in some zones or even more frequently in others. The Mayor presides over local decision making and officiates at ceremonial occasions. Every Mayor is entitled to a seat in the lower house of the National Parliament.

The Magistrate is appointed for a fixed term by each Mayoral zone in any way the zone sees fit. Magistrates must have a Degree in Magistracy at one of the approved Law Schools in Errinundera, most notably the Polytechnic in McKillops Bridge and the Lyceum in First Creek Falls. The term expires at the following Mayoral election. The Magistrate decides upon the validity of Mayoral law and adjudicates on local legal matters. Every magistrate is entitled to a seat in the upper house of the National Parliament.

The number of Mayors and Magistrates allotted to a location is determined by its population according to rules in the constitution. A village, is by definition, a location with only one of each. Cities have many.

Issues that require co-ordination between locations are determined in fora established in the regional administrative centres and in ad hoc district meetings.

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">ParliamentBurns.jpg
International press image of the National Parliament burning... again.

National Parliament

National and international issues are determined in the National Parliament in First Creek Falls. Due to the variable terms of Mayors and Magistrates the membership of the two houses is extremely fluid. This discourages long term alliances and political parties. Further, the intense rivalry between the villages, towns, cities and regions of Errinundera results in many important issues being neglected or avoided. Witness the poor state of rail services and the complete absence of a defence force. Note that, in the latter example, there is universal hostility to its establishment.

The House of Mayors is where Acts are introduced and budgets formulated. This is equivalent to a House of Commons or Representatives. Most of the great national debates are resolved (or not resolved) in this chamber.

The House of Magistrates cannot introduce Acts or amend them. It can only rule on their validity according to the Constitution and preceding Acts of Parliament. This power is used in a highly politicised way in any case. There are also many upper house committees whose findings and advice are implemented throughout the country.


Somewhat akin to Ministries, Protectorates are allotted to members of either house of the National Parliament by the vote of their peers. Considerable responsibility is vested in the Protectors.

The most prestigious Protectorate is "Protector of Civic Choice, Economic Participation and the Natural Environment". This ridiculous title was invented by the comedian, boomb, and adopted in the same spirit by the parliament of the time. This is not widely known now and Errinundrians often wonder at its pomposity. The Protector of Blah, Blah, Blah (as the holder is also called) is the closest Errinundrians come to having a national leader.

The Ultimate Magistracy

The upper house elects 7 Magistrates as members of the Ultimate Magistracy which is equivalent to a High Court. Once appointed the Magistrate must resign from all other positions. The are only 4 ways a Magistrate leaves the position: death, retirement at the age of 70, resignation or dismissal due to misconduct. Because Errinundera is a libertarian nation Ultimate Magistrates are rarely dismissed and, in all cases so far, for financial misconduct.

Public Attitudes

Public attitudes to political institutions are inversely proportional to the distance from that institution. In their local roles, Mayors and Magistrates are revered. The National Parliament is loathed and is frequently set alight.

Provinces, Districts, Cities, Towns and Villages

° Regional administrative centres

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">Map-Errinundera-regions4small.jpg
A larger image can be downloaded from the Nation info box.

National Symbols


Potoroo.jpg Long-footed potoroo (Potorous longipes)


Southern sassafras (Atherosperma moschatum): the seedling is displayed on the flag Sassafras.jpg


telopeasmall.jpg Tree waratah (Telopea oreades)

Celebrations and Commemorations

Errinundrians need little excuse to stop work, frolic naked in the wind, or party. There are many local events in addition to the national days listed below. In any case, spontaneous commemorations are quite common. Because the major festival season begins in late November and lasts until March the list below starts with the Waratah Festival.

Date Name Details
Late Nov / Early Dec Waratah Festival Celebrates the day each year the first Waratah blooms in Waratah Flat.
7 December Liberation Day One of the two biggest days of the year. Commemorates the fall of the puritanical government in 1941. Massive street party held in the Upfalls section of First Creek Falls. Major celebrations also held at the other centre of the civil disobedience campaign, Goolengook.
21 or 22 December Summer Solstice Time to celebrate the good life.
9 January McKillops Bridge Day The other great day of the year. Commemorates the 1905 revolution that began on the bridge that connects the two halves of the great city. Crossing the bridge on the anniversary date is something every Errinundrian tries to do once in their lifetime. Other cities centrally involved in the revolution - Deddick and Tubbut - also hold huge marches each year.
13 January Black Day Memorial for Black Friday in 1939 when 6,000 died in a forest fire in First Creek Falls and for the estimated 21,000 who died from subsequent human rights abuses.
1 February Red Day Major commemoration in Bonang on the anniversary of the deadly bushfires on Red Tuesday in 1898.
6 February V-Day Celebrates the day that the last location in Errinundera, Malinns, proclaimed itself vegetarian. The Summer Food Festival climaxes at Rodger River. The day is also remembered in many locations for the terrible bushfires on Black Thursday in 1851.
16 February Ash Day Memorial for the deadly bushfires on Ash Wednesday in 1983.
1 March Rainforest Day Celebrating life in the forest. Dreamtime activities held all over the nation.
21 or 22 March Autumn Equinox Last chance to dance naked under the trees before winter blows in.
21 or 22 June Winter Solstice The great annual bake up. Just the thing for a winter's day. The focus of celebrations is the Great Banquet held in Deddick.
1 September Wild Life Festival Potoroos honoured in First Creek Falls, sniffer wombats rule for the day in McKillops Bridge and the annual bloodsucking competition (using leeches) is held in Fanny Moo. Life is wild everwhere for a day.
21 or 22 September Spring Equinox Annual fertility festival.
25 September Cup Day Anniversary of the day Errinundera won the football World Cup in 2003. The biggest party is at the Ellery Camp football Academy.
1 November Be Day Errinundera may be a Forest nation but it is also a nation with many fine rivers. "Be" is the Dreamtime name for the streams and rivers. The city of Bemm River at the confluence of the Combienbar and Errinundera Rivers is the centre of celebrations.

National Sports


Attach a leech to your body and see whose can grow the largest. (Errinundera is awash with leeches.)

For an account of such a competition see Errinundera news media archives:


The Errinundera Football Association manages a flourishing competition. The nation has qualified regularly for the NationStates World Cup. After reaching the final of World Cup 36 the Potoroos are currently ranked fourth in world.

NS World Cup Record

World Cup Hall of Fame

Team Colours

The NSWC 37 Errinundera national football squad will be wearing the following colours for qualifying rounds and, if they progress, the Cup rounds.


  • National team strip; alternative strip; 3rd strip; and goalkeeper strip

Baptism of Frost

Errinundera hosted the Baptism of Fire 22, better known as the Baptism of Frost. The tournament, played at various locations on the Plateau, was notable for its cold and wet conditions. The final was held, appropriately, at Frosty Hollow.

Errinundera Articles


Almost all locations in the NationState of Errinundera have a Real Life counterpart in East Gippsland, Victoria and appear on maps in roughly similar relationship to each other.

Although the names and map placement may be shared any other resemblance is extremely variable.

Yes, there really is a place called Fanny Moo.