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The Meritocracy is a close alliance of regions, with The New Meritocracy as its capital. It is governed as one region by a democratically elected body called The Senate, members of which are prohibited from joining the United Nations. The Senate is headed by the Consul, who is elected from amongst The Senate. Other officers of the Senate are Censor, Quaestor, Praetor, Tribune, and Aedile. It has a governing document that goes by the name of The Accords and a body of laws, which can be amended and changed by a democratic proposal to the Senate.

The Meritocracy has traditionally held in high esteem the values of national sovereignty and capitalism, though there are notable exceptions. These values have been manifested in the continued membership of the Alliance of Capitalists, Conservatives, and Economic Libertarians (ACCEL).

The Meritocracy
Capital The New Meritocracy
Provinces -
Prefectures Meritocratic Isles, Alpha omega, Tenka Fubu
Forum The Merit Forum
Consul Corintur
Censor Glorious Wegason
Quaestor Scadinavian Duchies I
Praetor Nebutopia
Aedile Balanvinski
Tribune Objectivist Chimps
Nations Approx. 350 (including prefectures)
Population 350+ Billion
Currency New Merit (ŧ)
 - per capita
11 282 trillion ŧ
26 687 ŧ
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There are currently 27 nations who hold Senate seats in The Meritocracy:

The Accords

Some men and women become great through chance or luck. Others have become great through skill, talent, and desire. The Meritocracy is as the word implies, a group of highly motivated, highly competitive and highly competent leaders who truly believe that how well you, as the leader of your nation, have performed within the realm of NationStates will be a good indication to how successful you will be in joining The Meritocracy. Within any organization of meritocrats, structure is needed, wanted, and lives within The Accords.

The Accords serves as the document that guides both the spirit and letter of The Meritocracy. Senators regard it with reverence, knowing that the power they enjoy is derived from this document ratified by our founding fathers. The government set forth by The Accords is split into two basic parts: The Curia and The Executors.

  • The Executors

Beginning with the Executors, they are comprised of the Consul, Censor, Praetor, and Quaestor.

The Consul bears the responsibility to lead the Senate and is the head of the government. The Consul position requires leadership, time, dedication and skill.

The Censor is the administative guru of The Meritocracy. He/She administers elections, legislative votes, and membership applications. The Censor updates important record keeping documents and is tasked with the unenviable job of ensuring that these and other logistical functions of The Meritocracy run smoothly and efficiently.

The Praetor is the internal guru of The Meritocracy. If it deals with banking, trade, or anything financial, the buck stops with the Praetor. The Praetor has the responsibility of dealing with the Meritocracy's prefectures and integrating them into the Meritocracy, the Praetor is also responsible, in part, for facilitating the roleplay environment within the Meritocracy.

The Quaestor is the foreign affairs minister of The Meritocracy. The Quaestor may establish diplomatic relations with other regions, perform due dilligence for perspective applicants' background, and other intelligence related activities.

Unlike many other regions, the Meritocracy does not include the positions of Tribune and Aedile within the executive, in this case the Executors. In the beginning, The Accords ratifiers believed that the Tribune should be outside the administrative sphere and instead act as a counterweight to both the Executors and the Senate, at large. The Aedile's responsibilities did not seem to merit inclusion within the Executors, but as The Accords is an ever living document - changes could occure. However, both positions are very important and vital to the life of the Meritocracy.

The Tribune is the ultimate jurist and justice within the Meritocracy, with ability to rule on legislation as well as the legality of actions. The Tribune has the power to speak against proposed legislation, thereby requiring that legislation to receive a higher majority than before to pass.

The Aedile is the mouthpiece of the Meritocracy among Senators and the world. Much of their responsibility revolves around producing media applications as well as encouraging foreign emigration. By tradition, the Aedile is in charge of InterMet, the Meritocracy's news service.

  • The Curia

One of the drawbacks of the Old Meritocracy was that it did not allow Senators to speak within ALL of the different departments. The Accords has solved this problem with the creation of Curia. Headed by the Aedile, Censor, Praetor, and Quaestor respectively, the Curia Nuntii, Informationis, Rei Familiaris, and Legationis serve as the legislative committees for the Senate. Based upon the duties of their Executor or Officer in the case of the Aedile, the Curia begin the legislative process. For legislation to move from within the Curia to the full Senate floor the majority of the Executor and the two Patricians of that Curia must accent to its passage.

  • Expulsions

Unfortunately, even among the greatest NationStates players, there will come a time when a Senator may need to be expelled because of inactivity or committing crimes against the Accords/Meritocracy. In order for an expulsion vote to occur, one quarter of the Senate must sign a petition calling for such a vote. If the requisite Senators sign the petition, then in order for the Senator to be expelled three-fifths of the Senators voting must agree to expelling the Senator. If a crime has been committed, the case will be brought before the tribune an 3/5 of the Senate still must approve the expulsion.

Meritocratic Governmental History

Former Consuls

Old (Charter) Senate

New (Accords) Senate

Former Vice-Consuls

The position of Vice Consul was created during the tenure of Consul Jasque of the Old Senate and was re-created for the New Senate on 25 January 2006

Old Senate

New Senate

Former Tribunes

Old Senate

New (Accords) Senate

Former Censors

Old Senate: Winnipeg, Sanctuary, Winnipeg, Winnipeg, TheManStan, Free Trade States, Glasguensis, Eli, Hipposhire, Puppet States, Siempre

New Senate: Evans, Puppet States, Big D Baby, Glasguensis, Siempre, Eli, Objectivist Chimps, Glorious Wegason, Siempre

Former Quaestors

Old Senate: Freedomnia, Densim, Densim, Jasque, Argyres, Unistrut, Old Lutheran, Cortath, Cortath, Cortath, Jasque

New Senate: Eli, Chronorica, Cortath, Afslavistakistania, Afslavistakistania, A Posse Ad Esse, Novus Homines, Greater Moldavi, The ApostleCorp

Former Praetors

Old Senate: Eureka, Eureka, Jasque, Sanctuary, Sanctuary, Milesia, Corintur, Sogno, Bumpy, Aesculapius, Aesculapius, Yoco, Hipposhire, Yoco, Puppet States

New Senate: Nuclear Industrial, New Hippograd, Corintur, Xiang Gang, The Great Commonwealth, Balanvinski, Nebutopia

Former Lictors

The office of Lictor (Defence Minister) was created under the Accords Senate on 5 February 2006

Old Senate: Thomasia, Prolific, B4kst4br, Qantrix, Evans, Unistrut, Eli, Dorado, Corintur, Jasque, Crazygirl, Eli

New Senate: Roman Nobiles (ACC), Unistrut, Anarchistic Cows, Sithis, Zang Zhadam

Former Magister Ludis

Old Senate: Sarda, Hipposhire, Aesculapius, Clayton Road

New Senate: Cortath, Posul, Objectivist Chimps, Glorious Wegason

Former Aediles

Old Senate: Altair, Altair, Xiang Gang

New Senate: Saint Helaire, Soigacas, A Posse Ad Esse, Glorious Wegason, House Wins, New Camedia

Patricians Informationis

  • Seat 1 - Puppet States, Eli, Halmont, The Heights, Glorious Wegason
  • Seat 2 - Glasguensis, Big D Baby, Glorious Power, Siempre, Tazistan

Patricians Legationis

  • Seat 1 - Cortath, Afslavistakistania, Cortath
  • Seat 2 - Czarist Duchies, Chronorica, Glorious Wegason, Sithis

Patricians Rei Familiaris

  • Seat 1 - Ylling, Aesculapius, Scandinavian Duchies
  • Seat 2 - The Bankers Union, Pittsland, Xiang Gang, Balanvinski

Patricians Judicialis

Pittsland, Warrior Thorin, New Hippograd, Tazistan, Big D Baby, Warrior Thorin, Objectivist Chimps, Vox Augusti


Main article: History of the Meritocracy, as written by Former Senator, Lord Tom from Thomasia


The Alliance of Capitalist Conservatives and Economic Libertarians, is an organization created by Former Meritocrat, Jasque, former Consul, The Anti Commi Clan, and Wegason. Jasque, who is also Member of the OSN, is a talented and gifted Economist that has been member of the NationStates world for over three years.

The Meritocracy joined this particular organization in August 2005 because of its principles and also the common goals they share.

The Herodotus Project

The Herodotus Project, the most ambitious RP project ever created in NS, this is an ongoing, extensive effort to describe the RP history of the Meritocracy from 3500 years ago to today.

Starting in the year 1500 BC (Meritocratic Time) up to the year 2000 AD (MT), this new and improved method of role playing gives you the opportunity to chose in which era you would like to specify your role playing, giving specified situations, wars, weaponry, everything. By far the most complete Role Playing project for NationStates.

Beginning as a simple idea by some senior members of The Meritocracy, The Herodotus Project is at the moment in its early stage and its open to all members of the Meritocracy.

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