Human Rights Council

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Human Rights Council
Headquarters: Eastern district of New Genoa
Members: 7 (3 pending)
Type: Noble Cause
Forum: The Council Forum

THe Human Rights Council is a group founded by the government of New Genoa, in response to abhorrence about atrocities committed against sentient life which run rampant while the rest of the world ignores largely ignores it. The Human Rights Council will document and archive such offenses for public display.

The intention of the "Sentient Rights Council" is not to act against sentient rights offenders, only to archive sentient rights violations for all to see and to encourage or urge others (or the nations committing the offenses) to put an end to it. Thereby peacefully ending or slowing attacks on sentient rights attacks

In addition to documenting sentient rights offenses, the Council plans on sending out investigators to various nations to check for sentient rights violations. It is the nation's choice to allow the investigators to enter but nations who refuse to allow investigators to enter will be looked upon suspiciously.

To date, the Human Rights Council has not reported a single violation of sentient rights.


The "Sentient Rights Council" consists of several committees, each dedicated to focusing on certain sentient right violations. (See below) The Head Committee is supposed to consist of seven of our top members; a presiding officer will be nominated and elected by delegates from the lower committees. The officer will serve for two years unless at least four of the Head Committee Members and at least 50 percent of the lower committee members lodge a "Vote of No Confidence" in which case a new presiding officer will be elected. In order to be a Head Committee Member, one must be inspected by each sentient rights committee and be found of no abuses whatsoever. In fact, one must pass these tests on several occasions.

The functional committees' objectives are to document and put together extensive and comprehensive reports detailing the abuses of their description (for example, the Torture of Political Prisoners writes reports about abuses concerning the torture of political prisoners)

The Documentation committee will deal with validating the information put together by the above committees and will publish the reports written by members of the aforementioned committees. The Inspection committee will deal with the organisation of inspections of nations willing to be inspected. This committee will set up dates and meetings and so forth.


To apply, any nation willing to join must send a letter of formal requisition. Any nations willing to join must submit to an inspection by (at this time, New Genoese) Head Committee Members. Once a full inspection has been completed and few to no sentient rights abuses are to found, then the Head Committee will vote to allow the applying nation to join this organisation. If at least four Head Committee Members vote to allow the applying nation to join our organisation, they will be admitted and asked to join one of the above committees.


Head Committee

Lower Committees

Torture of Political Prisoners

Torture of Prisoners of War

Sham Trials



Crimes Against Humanity

War Crimes - Biological Weapons

War Crimes - Chemical Weapons

War Crimes - Atomic/Nuclear Weapons

War Crimes - Ortillery/Orbital Weapons




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