John Paul III

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John Paul III
Flag of John Paul III
Motto: Do it for the Pope!
[1] John Paul III
Region South Confederacy
Capital Vatican
Official Language(s) English, Italian, Latin
Leader Pope John Paul IV
Population 126 Million and Rising!
Currency Euro 
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The nation was founded by a group of Republican-Catholics came here to pursue religious rule and no seperation of church and state. They have a Pope and an Alpha Male, who together control the nation. Its borders are open Catholics are free to immigrate, but they are closed to 'anti-christian' peoples and beliefs.

Currently the leaders are Pope John Paul IV and Paul Brockmann. They are both elected, but not the same way. To elect a pope, the cardinals meet and lock themselves into a chapel for days at a time until they agree on a candidate. The Alpha Male is elected by the people, who have one vote per citizen. The two major political parties each have twenty percent of the votes casted.

Other Information

The Nation of John Paul III was founded on Sept. 18, 1990. It does not have a mother nation since it was founded by people who came from many nations. John Paul III has only been invaded by Spain, but they did not even touch the sand. Patriotism is important to all citizens and all are said to kill to save freedom and their country! John Paul is also in the United Nations and it will vote on what they want unless another can persuade them to go the other way.

Alliances, Treaties and Votes

So far, John Paul III is only in one alliances it will consider to expand their commitments. If anyone wants or needs John Paul III votes or signatures they can send a TG or an email to Paul Brockmann. They will be pleased to join up!


Voting History

  • Voted for the Repeal "Required Basic Healthcare"
  • Voted for the Natural Disaster Act
  • Voted against the Right to Learn about Evolution because we beleive that there is a god, and we are not from monkeys after millions of years! (basically the title of my nation tells you why!)
  • Voted against the Right to Refuse Extradition!
  • Voted for Computer Crimes Act
  • Voted for National Systems of Tax


Catholic schools are more dominant than the Public schools. The schools get a rate of money based on how many students they enrolled and account for. The schools mainly receive money by the local city taxes.



Within a matter of hours, the Army can deploy anywhere with the latest equipment and gear!

Air Force

The Air Force of John Paul III can strike anywhere in the world with amazing accuracy and with pounding force! The Air Force receives the most money mostly because it is also controls the space program.


The Navy of John Paul III is mostly an eye for the Air Force and for the Coast Gaurd. They have the latest hydrofoils avaiable for them to catch the smugglers.


John Paul III is located on an island that is growing becuase of the lava flows from the neighboring volcano. This provides the country with new fertile land every year increasing the economy with the construction of buildings.

Natural Resorces

  • salt water
  • high winds at regualar times
  • Organic-rich soil