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Nation: Knootoss
Function: Network city
Population: > 1 Billion
Leader: Co-coverned by Stadtholders of several provinces

Knootcap is a giant 'network city' sprawling out from the Western part of Knootoss. It encompasses the four biggest cities and the surrounding areas including much of the Western province of Holland as well as the very heart of the country. Knootcap was named after the House of Knootcap and its leaders.

The four major cities of Knootcap are The Hague, which is the centre of government, the old capital of Amsterdam, the beating economic heart and mainport of Rotterdam and the historic city of Utrecht. These cities, buried inside the postmodern 'network city' are still distinctive but tied together by the endless infrastructure of the Delta metropolis as it is known amongst planologists. Amongst the general populace though, the endless suburbs, highways and rudimentary cores of population centres have earned Knootcap the less flattering nickname Randstad (Rand is Dutch for edge, Stad for city)