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The Middle East, Holy land of Islam, Judaism and Christianism, and the oldest place on Earth.

Our regional forum, where most of the roleplaying is done, is at: http://s3.invisionfree.com/nationstates/

The Middle East is compatible with the regions African Continent, American Continent, Asian Continent and European Continent, giving more possibilities of inter-regional role-playing.

Just to be clear the Middle East has no dealings with any region or organisation not on the above list, neither OOC nor IC. Nor do we want to have dealings with any NS Organisation. We do, however, support the idea of "defender" alliances to stop regional invasion and some of our members are willing to help support invaded regions. We do not want any kind of offical (or unoffical) membership with any group within NS that isn't the NWR.

Nations of the Middle East and their Capital Cities


  1. Amhara Hamdahnid
  2. Wadj
  3. Dahab-Aurum
  4. Morrocon
  5. United State of Israel
  6. Langarra
  7. Nag Ehgoeg
  8. The Roman Empire
  9. Catholic Europe
  10. Kiensland
  11. Aleruve
  12. Zorkardia
  13. Sahndaq
  14. Al Araam
  15. Paradise
  16. Bhagstan
  17. Idaniztan
  18. Scythirus [Claim to Socotra contested by Sennar]
  19. Menhad
  20. Kasnyian Gulf Protectorate
  21. United States of Madina
  22. Sutekh-te-Ankh
  23. Kadima Israel
  24. Shreikland
  25. The Knights Hospitalars
  26. Sennar [Claim to Socotra contested by Scythirus]
  27. Abnar
  28. Tylistan
  29. Nercer
  30. Zeelar