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Community Portal

This page exists only to discuss and resolve issues, like "edit wars" and serious disagreements about content. Try to resolve the conflict using the specific page's discussion/talk page. If, and only if, all other steps have failed, and you see no reasonable chance that the matter can be resolved in another manner, you may request that it be decided by the administrators here.

If you support a particular position, list your username and reasoning.

Please sign all edits to this page with your username and time of posting by typing ~~~~.

Format and Instructions

Use the following format to add an issue:


Users involved in dispute:
Evidence and comments in this case should be directed to NSwiki:Arbitration/CASENAME

Statement of complaint (signed by plantiff(s))

Statement by affected party (signed by respondant(s))

Comments bv administrators (0/0/0/0)

The numbers in the Comments and votes by Arbitrators (0/0/0/0) section corresponds to Accept/Reject/Recuse/Other.

If an administrator decides to protect a page in question, he/she will add:

Page protected by <Administrator's Name> at

Unprotection of that page will be indicated by:

Page unprotected by <Administrator's Name> at <Time of Unprotection>

Keep the list of protections/unprotections in anti-chronological order, with most-recent on top.

Once the issue is resolved, indicate the following in addition to the above:

Description of Resolution:

Requests for Arbitration

Cases in arbitration

Decided cases

  • User:Knootoss v. User:Syskeyia - Accepted for Arbitration on 23 October 2004 with two votes and one recusal. Decided on 26 October 2004 to place User:Syskeyia on indefinite probation.