New Jerusalem

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New Jerusalem is the name of the capital of and the only major city in the Exarchate of New Jerusalem. The name was chosen by the knights of the Second Pantocratorian Crusade when they conquered the city in 1603 - before this time, the city was called Majohitep, and was considered a holy city by the Aboriginal Pantocratorians. Archeologists believe that Majohitep has been settled since the 8th Century BCE, although it wasn't until the 6th Century CE that the Aboriginal civilisation erected its first (and only) stone city on the site. It is therefore the oldest city in Pantocratoria. Its population is mostly Greek speaking, and consists predominantly of people descended from interbreeding between European settlers and Pantocratorian Indians.

It is the location of the Julian Palace, the official residence of the Exarch of New Jerusalem. The largest church in the city is the Basillica of the Blessed Virgin of New Jerusalem, where Princess Anna married Prince Joseph of Excalbia in early 2004.