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A newb is the positive version of a n00b: A new nation in NationStates, which RPs well. The terms newb and n00b are both most commonly used in the Internet Relay Chat.

In sports-roleplaying, a newb is also a nation, which participates for the first time or stopped participating so long ago, that the rank is on the lowest level. The sports-community calls these teams 'unranked' or 'not ranking' despite the teams having the default newb-rank (often 150 or 200). It is very unlikely that newbs do well, but The Eagles Nest is a notable exception, having qualified from a newb-rank in World Cup 12, with the help of a significant RP-bonus that due to the nature of the innovative formula used in that Cup, and a doubling of RP-bonus for newb nations, went even further. It is no coincidence that the other spectacular newb performance was from Aquiliana who made the quarter-finals in World Cup 17, which used a variant of the same formula (though they had gained KPB points from other events).

Before these two, the last newb nation to qualify was Busby in World Cup 7. They are now best known for the opera singer Ella Forrest's intervention in a critical qualifying game for World Cup 11, against the then-Progressan colony Avenging Altos (who have since become part of Kaze Progressa). Her performance of the national anthem, deliberately sung higher than normal to shatter the glass roof, caused several injuries to the visitors who duly lost 3-0, allowing Busby to make the playoffs on goal difference.