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The KPB ranking system is the current system used to rank nations participating in the World Cup and related events. The name KPB comes from the initials of the two nations involved in its creation. It was developed by Kaze Progressa during World Cup 9, with the principal modification made shortly afterward by Bedistan to ensure that Cup hosts did not suffer an unnatural loss of rank due to not participating in the qualifying stages.

For each competition, the total number of points (three per win, one per draw) earned by each team is divided by the maximum possible number of matches. It is then multiplied by some constant, depending on the type of competition and how long ago it occurred. The numbers are finally added together, and the nation with the most KPB points is officially considered the best in the world.

The formula

The KPB ranking system can be stated as a formula, where:

  • K = final KPB coefficient
  • p = total competition points (3 per win, 1 per draw)
  • m = total number of matches in the competition
    • q = World Cup qualifying
    • f = World Cup finals
    • h = Cup of Harmony
    • b = Baptism of Fire

For example, at the conclusion of World Cup 23, Cup of Harmony 15, and Baptism of Fire 11, the formula would be as follows:


Competition multipliers

These are the constants by which all points-per-match are multiplied for each competition before being added together.

World Cup

World Cup proper

  • Most recent Cup: x8
  • Previous Cup: x4
  • Cup before that: x2


  • Most recent Cup: x4
  • Previous Cup: x2
  • Cup before that: x1

Cup of Harmony

  • Most recent CoH: x1.5
  • Previous CoH: x0.75
  • CoH before that: x0.375

Baptism of Fire

  • Most recent BoF: x1
  • Previous BoF: x0.5

Under-21 World Cup

Note that the KPB ranking system no longer has anything to do with the Under-21 World Cup. The Under-21 results were removed from the KPB rankings formula as it was deemed unfair that nations with large amounts of free time could gain rank increases for 'free'. The U21WC uses the RPR system created by Total n Utter Insanity.

Other modifiers

Nations hosting a World Cup are not required to qualify. However, there would be a large loss of ranking for the hosts due to receiving no points for the qualifying round. Therefore, hosts are automatically credited with receiving double the number of qualifying matches in qualifying points, as this was determined to be a reasonable estimate of how most hosts would perform in qualifying. In terms of the formula, p = 2m.

A newer addition is that all nations that successfully qualify for the World Cup were credited with an additional five qualifying points, equal to a win and two draws. This was to prevent the phenomenon of nations gaining a higher ranking through participation in the Cup of Harmony than if they had qualified for the World Cup itself. It has succeeded in this purpose; after World Cup 23 and the concurrent Cup of Harmony, the top thirty places in the rankings were filled by nations that had qualified for that World Cup (the other two qualifiers were 33rd and 34th). However, it has been argued that this entrenches the top 32, making it difficult for new teams to qualify. As a result the bonus was reduced to three qualifying points at the beginning of World Cup 34 and, for the purposes of that and subsequent cups, the previous earned bonuses were retrospectively reduced to three also.

External Link

The KPB Rankings are updated at the conclusion of every World Cup qualifying round and the World Cup itself. Please note these are direct links to a Microsoft Excel file and OpenDocument file respectively.

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