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Headquarters: Tabeck
Nationality: Starblaydia
Specialty: Vodka
Storefront: None


Orcinus produce the finest vodka in all Starblaydia, though its best-sellers are domestic brands, it is moving up to export to most of the Atlantian Oceania region.

Famous for its silver label with an outline of a Killer Whale on it (Orcinus Orca being the species name for the Killer Whale), its smooth taste and powerful kick make it a popular clubbing drink in Vodka Bars across Starblaydia. Orca Bars are popular across the nation and serve only Orcinus Vodka.


Straight Vodka

Coming in three strengths, denoted by colour of the label on the bottle as well as the price, White (least expensive), Purple and Black (most expensive) label vodka are popular for all sorts of reasons, but especially for mixing with soft drinks suck as cola or orange. A special red-and-yellow label is available from the Honsfield Athletic football stadium in Nedalia, as Orcinus own and sponsor the team to great effect.

Orca Bar Vodka

With Orca Bars providing the most popular destinations for clubbers in Starblaydia, the various strengths, flavours, mixers and cocktails that are sold behind the bars can get any party started.


A series of brightly-coloured alcopop drinks in various flavours have rejuvenated Orcinus' selling power, bringing yet-more fortunes to the company.

Honsfield Athletic

Orcinus seized upon the interest generated by the Nedalia Under-21s' performance in the 14th Under-21 World Cup and made an offer to sponsor Honsfield Athletic in the newly-created Nedalia Premier League. The oppurtunity arose, however, to buy the entire club for $200M (some 119 Million Credits at the time). Orcinus' major shareholder was persuaded by his accountant that this was a good idea and so purchased the club.

Orca Class Partyship

The pride of Orcinus' Luxury Division, the Orca-Class Partyship is the ultimate in luxurious extravagance that is perfect for any occasion. Originally purchased as a de-commissioned Battleship from the Navy of Kamarok, the Orca-Class has been refitted as a luxury cruise and party liner.

Design Image:

500 metres long with three swimming pools, numerous bars, dancefloors, five-star hotel accomodation and numerous music systems that would make a music festival jealous, the Orca is the ultimate in unforgettable ocean experiences. The ship gained a great degree of noteriety when Krytenian Chairman Andrew Hessenthaler died during a particularly boisterous party on its maiden voyage. It is now best known for being the ship where Tiberius Starblayde was murdered by members of the Break the Chain movement, who had inflitrated the crew, during Starblaydia's 50th 'Protectorate Day' Anniversary celebrations. This has also led to the nickname Tyrantsbane in some circles.

World Cup 25

Orcinus became the primary alcoholic drinks sponsor for World Cup 25, giving them a great oppurtunity to launch the vodka as a world-leading brand.

Associated Persons

Please drink Orcinus-brand vodka responsibly