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Atlantian Oceania
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The Region of Atlantian Oceania (AO) is best known for its sporting achievements, as the majority of nations in the region take part in various sporting events around the world. The World Factbook Entry claims:

"Hidden as tiny islands, AO nations actually have a deeper internal system fluorishing [sic] well above that that could be imagined "

Quick Country Info



The Atlantian Oceania Regional Defense Organisation, headed by Starblaydia, is the Region's main defensive alliance, protecting the Region as a whole from attack.

Strategic Alliance

One of the major Regional Alliances within AO, the Strategic Alliance of Autocratic States, contains, for want of a better word, all of the dictators within AO, allied together for mutual benefit.

Federation of Like-Minded States

The second of the major Regional Alliances is the Federation of Like-Minded States, created as a counter to the Strategic Alliance. This alliance is defunct.

Strategic Defense League

The Strategic Defense League is the largest alliance in the region in terms of membership and was also created to counter the Strategic Alliance.

Alliance for Stability, Peace and Intra-Regional Entente

The newest of the three regional alliances, ASPIRE was created to be a third force in the region, a mediating influence to inhibit unnecessary conflict and encourage peace and prosperity within Atlantian Oceania.

Woodstock Pact

While not an alliance exclusive to AO, six members of the 22-nation Woodstock Pact currently reside in the region. This includes the alliance founder, Sarzonia, as well as Manhattan Prime, Space Union, Ollieland, Lesser Ribena, and Izistan.



AO has been home to, at one time or another, the World Cup, Under-21 World Cup, Rugby World Cup and Cherry Cup Champions, putting AO on top of the world in terms of Football (Soccer), Ice Hockey and Rugby Union. Individual nations have their own preferences and skills at different sports, and you are almost certain to find at least one AO nation in any International competition.
The four World Cup Champions from World Cup 19 to World Cup 22 as well as the past five Under-21 World Cup Champions have all been part of this excellent sporting region.
For a long period of time, all four of the major NS national team as well as the two NS club team footballing trophies resided in Atlantian Oceania. Winners include:
National teams
Club teams



The Atlantian Oceania Cup of Association Football is the World's premier regional Football tournament, competed for by AO's footballing nations at the same time as the World Cup

Other Regional Tournaments

Various other Championships are competed for at a club level, including a regional football Champion's League, the AO Ice Hockey Cup, and many others.


Two attempts at an AOlympic Games have seen various levels of success. A Summer AOlympics in Krytenia was called off when Xile bombed the stadiums, while a Winter AOlympics in Chacor saw low attendances and never finished.

United Nations


All nations are encouraged to vote on UN Resolutions in the AO Forums, giving the entire region a say in how AO's Delegate votes.


The Blessed Realm of Bettia. Malik bin Thomas, son of Bettia's foreign minister and former UN Delegate Anisah Hopkins.


The Legal Republic of Legalese
The Glassed Land of Tachbe
The Mines of Crystilakere
The Free Republic of Lamoni
The Nation of Abattoir
The Blessed Realm of Bettia (now serving second term)
The Prime Ministerialship of Bazalonia

Voting History

Read the Atlantian Oceania UN Voting History, to see how the region has voted for each Resolution.

Current Nations

Former Nations of Note

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