Påval Hindenskjöld

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Påval Hindenskjöld
Date of Birth
2 March 1921
Place of Birth
Ytterby, Gustavia
Federal President of Adal
Period in Office
Political Affilliation
Christian Democrat

Påval Henrik Dagobert av Hindenskjöld (born 2 March, 1921 in Ytterby, Gustavia) is the Federal President of Adal since April 8, 2006 and a famous war hero from the great war in the 1940's.

Military career

Påval Hindenskjöld was born in Ytterby, a muncipality in the state of Gustavia in Adal, as the youngest son of tenant farmer Josef Hindenskjöld and his wife Hanna. After his military service in 1939 he decided to make a career of it, and stayed at Järnsten garrison. 1943 he was promoted colonel, and as one of the main characters of the Adalese command during the war against the southern neighbour Suur-Preussi, Hindenskjöld gave his name to the so-called Hindenskjöld line, which is seen to have been the main defence line that prevented the enemy to advance to the Adalese capital, Stolleborg, and the peace conditions were reasonable enough for federal president Ståhlman to sign the peace treaty.

After the war he stayed in the army, and was promoted general in 1969. In June 1980 Hindenskjöld retired. After the war and especially during his retirement he became the symbol of the Adalese veterans, and he has had a major effect on the handling of the veterans; they have for example precieved a free place in old people's homes, mainly thanks to general Hindenskjöld.

Campaign for presidency

February, 2006

In autumn 2005 federal president Arnold Dier van Skogen asked Hindenskjöld to be his successor; meaning that van Skogen would support him if he took part in the upcoming presidential election. It was known that whoever van Skogen gave his support to, would be a likely name to win the election. Hindenskjöld did lead all the polls, although his support lowered a bit after he said he didn't support the constitutional reform that separated religion from politics, but he stayed a favourite. It was a shock to many that the popular country singer, candidat of the communists Jude Bjärnesson in the final election gathered surprisingly the majority of the given votes and won the election, and Hindenskjöld was second with 15.4 %.

April, 2006

In March 2006, only two months after the election, federal president Bjärnesson announced he would resign from office. Thus, a new election was needed, and Hindenskjöld accepted to try again representing still the Christian Democrats. Hindenskjöld led all the polls, although other candidats came closer as the election day got closer. The election was even, but Hindenskjöld managed to defeat Prime Minister Sonja Burgenstein with 51 % of the given votes, although the turnout was low. The voting took place on Saturday, 8 April.

Marriage and family

On 17 December, 1949 Påval Hindenskjöld married Marina Gerta Spårhyvel (1919-2000). The couple got two sons:

  • Henrik Josef Hindenskjöld, born 17 September, 1950
  • Einar Dagobert Hindenskjöld, born 2 August, 1955

Marina Hindenskjöld died 15 January, 2000. Today, Påval Hindenskjöld lives together with his parrot Anne-Rose.

Preceded by:
Jude Bjärnesson
Federal President of Adal
2006 – present
Succeeded by: