Sons of the Reformation

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The Sons of the Reformation is an armed Christian Identity organization with the stated objective of bringing about racial separation, theocratic government and a strict system of female submission to male authorities. The organization is also uncompromisingly hostile to Judaism, Marxism, Roman Catholicism and homosexuality, believing all four to be worthy of death.

The Sons of the Reformation have committed numerous acts of terrorism. They are especially well-known for their role in the Marlund insurgency following the Second Ambaran War and for their attack on the city of Biernes using mustard gas. In response to their terrorist activities, they are recognized as a terrorist organization by the Commonwealth of Peoples and Pantocratoria. The Commonwealth, in particular, seeks to combat the group's influence through legal, financial and military operations directly targetting the groups members and support networks as well as through general programs promoting cultural, religious and racial understanding and thus seeking to deprive the SoR and similar organizations of populations receptive to a message or racial and religious hate and of misogyny.

The group entered into direct hostilities with the Abt Republic upon the founding of the latter, seeking to maintain its control over the Sahori terra nullius. Their main military means, however, were eventually routed out by the Abt Republic Defence Force, with some cooperation from the Civil Defence Forces of Marlund and Gandara. Nowadays, the organisation is firmly underground and tracked down relentlessly by Ambaran authorities.