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Chief of State
Federated Segments of Scolopendra
Kzin Hierarchy
Height / Weight
250 cm / 255 kg

Chief of state of the Federated Segments of Scolopendra, elected by a wide margin after the comparatively lackluster administration of Jon Owen Hertzfeldt. He is also the current Patriarch of the Kzin Hierarchy (Patriarchy), recently refounded after a long lapse following the Tibetan Extraction Campaign.

Physical Data

  • Species/Ethnicity: Kzin
  • Height: 250cm (8 ft, 2.4 in)
  • Mass: 255 kg (561 lbm)
  • Hair/Eyes: medium orange with black stripes, white highlights / Yellow
  • Notable Features: Prominent scar over right eye; tail actually has a very short layer of fur due to a genetic anomaly.


Speaker's life is generally considered to be a model for modern kzinti to live by, indicated mostly by his position as Patriarch.


Speaker-Rrit was born in the Old Kzin Patriarchy in the Tibetan Highlands, far away from human contact. Son of peasant farmers, he was a generally unexemplary youth in kzinti culture as he lacked the personal self-importance and drive to excel in a deeds-based culture. The needs of subsistence farming gave him a greater understanding of the need of a community to work together and his attitude reflected it.

Once Confederate South-East Asia (CSEA) discovered the kzinti and began invading the Tibetan Highlands to "acquire personnel," Speaker, being widely acknowledged as the most diplomatic kzintosh in the Patriarchy, was dubbed Speaker-to-Animals (the closest analog to 'diplomat' they had at the time) and directed to use the Patriarchy's ancient radio equipment to contact anyone willing to help. Speaker contacted the Federated Segments of Scolopendra, which initiated a campaign to hopefully repel the CSEA invaders. Speaker made contact with the first Mobile Infantryman on the ground, Colonel Julius M Razak, and was instrumental in convincing the Patriarch to agree to an extraction.

Extracted to Scolopendra, Speaker avoided the malaise generally associated with kzinti after the Tibetan Extraction Campaign and signed up in the International Relations Section, given his previous experience in diplomacy. He excelled in the collective atmosphere of IntRelate and was assigned to the escape fleets to Titan, thus escaping the effects of The Break.


In the modern period now dubbed the Multiversal Period that began after the reality-redefinition moment called The Break, Speaker-Rrit has proven himself to be a personality of international import.

International Relations Advisor

Immediately after first diplomatic contact with the nation of Melkor Unchained during the emergency emperorship of Alshai Kommetrez, Supreme Emperor Kommetrez promoted Speaker to the level of Advisor, thus making him head diplomat and chief of international policy. Speaker excelled in this position, opening relations between Scolopendra and many other nations, helping solidify relations with nations that would later become members of the Triumvirate of Yut, and preventing conflicts several times through use of diplomacy such as the potential conflict between Menelmacar and Islamic Ummah.

When Alshai Kommetrez stepped down after his willing assimilation into the Angelus Mainframe, then-PseudoEmperor Jon Owen Hertzfeldt immediately recognized Speaker's abilities and retained him as an Advisor throughout his administration. Despite Speaker's skills, however, that administration suffered from Hertzfeldt's lack of decision-making capability and fortitude.

Supreme Emperor

When the next election came about, Speaker, seeing Hertzfeldt as a potential threat to the Segments, put himself up for election. The result was unexpected, with Speaker being elected more than twenty percentage points ahead of the next most-popular candidate and over thirty points ahead of Hertzfeldt. Taking charge as Supreme Emperor, Speaker revitalized the Scolopendran stance against genocide and strengthened its foreign policy, left to languish during the Hertzfeldt administration. He increased the forceful rhetoric against Arda and admitted several new members into the Triumvirate of Yut. He is still extremely popular across multiple platforms and it appears unlikely he will be voted out of office anytime soon.

When the survivors of the Tibetan Extraction Campaign came together to refound the Kzin Patriarchy, they elected Speaker-Rrit Patriarch without his knowledge, and furthermore granted him a half-honorific (as Patriarch, only he is authorized to grant full names). In addition to his duties as Supreme Emperor, Speaker-Rrit now serves as both a societarial and mildly spiritual guide to the kzinti community.

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