The Most Glorious Hack

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The Most Glorious Hack
Flag of The Most Glorious Hack
Motto: "Vae puto deus fio"
No Map Available Yet
Region That Place Over There
Capital Chiba City
Official Language(s) English
Leader The Oligarchy via Dr. Josef Specter
Population 7+ billion
Currency Chit 
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The Semi-Autonomous Technocratic Oligarchy of the Most Glorious Hack is an enlightened anarchy, effectively run by what was once the Research and Development department of the previous government. It is a protectorate of GMC Military Arms, a member of the NDA, and houses the international headquarters of the largely defunct WBO. It also maintains a reasonably sized colony on Mercury; The Caloris Basin.

National Information

  • Traditional Long Form: The Semi-Autonomous Technocratic Oligarchy of the Most Glorious Hack
  • Traditional Short Form: The Hack
  • Abbreviations: MGH, tMGH
  • Form of Government: Technocracy


Ancient History

First Epoch

Most of the ancient history of the First Epoch of the Hack (or Mhu Thulan as it would be more properly known) has been lost to the winds of time. If the voormis still retained their intelligence, they would probably know, but that race has devolved to simple rodents. High Priests of the Cult of Tsathoggua have a little of the history, but many doubt the veracity of their teachings.

What is commonly believed is that approximately 30,000 years ago, the voormis where highly intelligent and accomplished sorcerers. They had a tight caste system, and were ruled by their priests. The voormis had a close relationship with Tsathoggua, and were able to communicate directly with the Sleeper of N'Kai.

They were well aware of the actions of the lizard beings of Khabarovsk, even as they tried to avoid direct contact. The serpent people worshipped Yig and viewed worship of Tsathoggua as heresy. Also, while the magical ability of the voormis was without peer, the serpent people of Khabarovsk had vast technological knowledge and engineering expertise, something the voormis just couldn't match.

Sometime around 18,000 years ago, some form of disaster struck Khabarovsk, the effects were felt even as far as Mhu Thulan, decimating the voormis population, erradicating much of the ambiant magic and giving rise to the near-human Hyperborean race.

Second Epoch

The Second Epoch was marked by the rise of the Hyperborean race, some time around 15,000 years ago. The Hyperboreans looked very much like tall, lanky humans with elongated ear lobes. They built beautifully intricate cities, almost reminiscent of elven cities. Even with the ambiant magic of the region destroyed, they still managed a few accomplished sorcerers, prime amung them Eibon. (more later when I'm not pulling shit out of my ass)

Modern History

The Socialist Union of Mhu Thulan

The Incorporated States of The Most Glorious Hack

The Technocratic Oligarchy of the Most Glorious Hack

the Semo-Autonomous Technocratic Oligarchy of the Most Glorious Hack

Current Government



People of Note


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