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Municipalità di Timiocato
Timiocato's coat of arms
  - Metro
Province Capitale
Country Pacitalia
Area Code 010
Postal Code A, B
MCLs 83
MPPs 26
Sister cities Philadelphia, Azazia
Mynia, Amarenthe

Timiocato is the capital and largest city of Pacitalia. It lies 32 metres above sea level and has a population of 24 million (37 million when the metropolitan area is counted). It is an important economic, cultural and political center in the country and in the world, and is the home of the federal government. It replaced Mandragora as the capital in 1784. As a world city, it occupies a place as one of the most important cities in Atlantian Oceania, and is arguably the most important hub for transportation, politics and commerce on the Foringanan continent.

The City of Dreams

Timiocato's nickname is the "City of Dreams" (Pacitalian: Città degli Sonanti). A city where politics, economic strength and social unity came together under a roof housing twenty-four million people. Timiocato is the economic and political capital of the country, a beautiful city with a mass of tall buildings, freeways, flowering trees and oceanfront views, complemented by wide straits of blue water and clumps of palm trees and wild pineapple growths.

Life in the City

Despite its population, the smog level in the city is virtually non-existent. The warm westerly prevailing winds carry any pollution off and disperse it, making life in this enormous city at least bearable to those who can't handle the size. Timiocato is a swarm of transportation; with three enormous airports, 54 freeways and over 200 major arteries, numerous ferry crossings along the delta the city is situated on and to the nearby province of Sephalusia.

At night, the city sparkles; its variously-coloured lights from the modern skyline to the historic government and religious buildings along Via Constituccione light up and create a venerable and vibrant rainbow reflected so daringly but agreeably by the clear waters of the Pacific. It is a city shrouded in the occasional evening thundershower, but also shrouded in fantasy, exploration, modernity, love and, above all, history.

The city is awash with fine dining, nightclubs, sightseeing and vibrance, and a city so beloved not only by the Pacitalian people, but by the world, that it has become one of the world's top urban destinations.

Getting There and Away

Pacitalia's capital is one of the most networked cities in the world by way of transportation. It is served by numerous autostradamu (superhighways), PacRail connections, secondary or B-route arteries and ferry connections. There are three airports.

Timiocato Santo Ragazzo International Airport. TSR is Pacitalia's and Foringana's hub for air travel.


The main airport is Timiocato Santo Ragazzo International Airport (TSR), which is 3km northwest of the metropolitan area (95km northwest of downtown). It is served by the most airlines of any port in the country, nearly two hundred and fifty to be exact. The main carriers still remain the domestic stalwarts, AeroPacitalia and Virgin Pacific. Timiocato is also served by Timiocato Memoriali di Veteranemu International Airport (TVM), the older international airport, served by numerous but fewer air carriers. Budget and charter flights can be found of this airport, 17km east of downtown. The smaller Timiocato Isolamunicipa International Airport (TII) is located on an island 3km west of downtown and handles mainly diplomatic and smaller craft flights. However, it does maintain charter flights to Moepoeia and Amarenthe, letting it retain its "International" status.


Timiocato is a busy seaport and handles many ferries from the islands, and cruise ships the rest of Atlantian Oceania. PaciFerries is the main ferry operator, bihourly sailings to Sephalusia, Palatinia and Acqua Verdi provinces take place seven days a week from three different terminals along the port waters.

Modern style, classic food: a restaurant in downtown Timiocato that serves Pacitalian cuisine in a revolutionary environment.


PacRail is the world's largest rail network and connects over 550 Pacitalian cities to Timiocato.

Where to Stay

Timiocato's finer, upscale hotels can be found downtown and near the government district. They also dot the waterfront along the Rio Timiocato, Rio Capitolina and Rio Pogli. Lower-star but still good hotels dot the city regardless of district. And of course, backpackers' or travel hostels are numerous around the city.

Where to Eat

The best upscale restaurants are again in downtown, but Timiocato's cafes and delis are a marvellous sight and dot the city just like the midrange hotels do. You won't go hungry in Pacitalia let alone Timiocato, so finding a restaurant with good service and great food is the least of your worries.

Pacitalia's most famous museum, Timiocato's Sotto Muro. The Sotto Muro is a world-class art museum on par with the Louvre and Prado.

Where to Go

Timiocato's government district is one of the most famous places of historic architecture. Most of the buildings date from the 16th to the 18th centuries, excluding the New Prado (the new legislative and government office building along the central branch of the Rio Timiocato). The most famous are the Capostica and the Sotto Muro, the two museums that epitomise the history of Pacitalia. Other buildings along Via Constituccione include the Camera di Santi, the Cruso Verdo and the Memoriali di Historica. Along the waterfront, walking, rollerblading and bicycling are prime sport, or just bring a book and sit on a bench looking out at the calm, blue Pacific.

Notable Natives

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