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The Right Honourable
Dr Timotaio (Timothy) Ell

Pacitalia_smaller.jpg 67th prime minister of the First Pacitalian Republic
In office
10th August, 199625th January, 2006
Political party Federation of Progressive Democrats
Constituency Domasota and Famabaro, Beracanto
Preceded by Francesco Santo Ragazzo
Succeeded by Constantino Sorantanali

Pacitalia_smaller.jpg 1st archonate of Second Pacitalian Republic
In office
1st November, 2007
Political party Federation of Progressive Democrats
Preceded by Position created
Succeeded by Incumbent

3rd February, 1968 (age 39)
Mandragora, Beracanto, Pacitalia
Spouse Giovanna Cazunobari
Profession Politician, scientist
Religion Romanian Orthodox Christian
Languages Pacitalian, English, Romanian, Spanish

The Right Honourable Signore Dr Timotaio Fortanescu Amacano Jared Ell, D(EnvSc), LL(J), LL(B), MA(PSci), MA(PAdm), born 3rd February 1968 in Mandragora, Beracanto, Pacitalia, was prime minister of the First Pacitalian Republic (1503-2007) from 10th August, 1996 to 25th January, 2006. He was the sixty-seventh prime minister, succeeding Francesco Santo Ragazzo. As of 1st November, 2007 Ell is the first archonate (the elected head of state) of the Second Pacitalian Republic. Ell is a member of the Royal Family of the Grand Archduchy of Hamptonshire.


The son of a businessman and an experienced nurse, Ell comes from a very influential and politically-active family in Beracanto province that dates back nearly 300 years. His father, Marko, the grandson of a Russian immigrant, started his business and commerce career early, taking ownership of three apartment complexes and two city parks in Mandragora in 1956, at the age of 22. Ell's mother, Barbara, was the daughter of a Romanian couple with roots stretching back to the 1600s in Pacitalia, and first became notorious for her student activism while she studied in nursing at the Nursing Institute of Central Pacitalia in Mandragora. Barbara graduated from the school in 1957. The two met at a Pacifist Party convention in 1959 and were married in 1961, having three children, Katerina in 1963, Constantina in 1966 and Timotaio (Timothy) in 1968.

Early life

Ell was born Timotaio Fortanescu Amacano Jared Ell on 3 February 1968 in Mandragora, Beracanto. Early on, Ell displayed a very political mind, involving himself first in municipal elections in Mandragora and his suburban hometown of Domasota. He first displayed his moderately conservative beliefs when he moved up to provincial politics at the age of 15, helping the Pacifist-aligned president of Beracanto province to a successful re-election in 1983. Ell was educated at a private secondary school meant for businessmen's children in an upscale neighbourhood of Mandragora. He went on to graduate from the University of Mandragora in 1993, obtaining degrees in Law, Political Science and Public Administration at the prestigious post-secondary institution.


Introduction to federal politics

Fresh out of university, Ell jumped at the opportunity from the Capitalist Party (fmr. Pacifist Party) to be its candidate for MPP in his home constituency of Domasota and Famabaro in the September 1993 general elections. Hardly any campaigning was needed on Ell's part, for he was running in one of the Capitalist Party's best strongholds. However, he pledged to ensure Beracantan economic success while improving an already high standard of living. Ell was elected over the Liberal opponent by an incredible 74-20 margin. During his time as MPP his political beliefs and numerous business connections helped Mandragora secure its place as one of the economic powerhouses of the nation.

Leadership convention

In November 1995, just two years into his term as MPP of Domasota and Famabaro, Ell was nominated to run for the leadership of the Capitalist Party. Prime Minister Francesco Santo Ragazzo was retiring and announced a leadership convention for December 6, 1995. The winner would become party leader and would lead the party in the next election. Santo Ragazzo announced he would retire at the end of his term (which would be the election day). Ell went in a serious contender, but his young age (27 at the time of the convention) was a problem. However, his sharp mind, good problem-solving ability, maturity and connections to the corporate world apparently helped, as he won 61% of the delegates' votes over the other challenger, Marta Poggiatella (MPP, Timiocato-West). Santo Ragazzo congratulated Ell, who had learned a substantial bit about politics and leadership under him, and subsequently announced an election for August 10, 1996.

Becoming prime minister

The August 1996 elections were seen as a tough call right from the start. For the voters, there were two visible choices: the governing Capitalists with a young, fresh leader, or the calm, equality-pushing Verano Ampasora and the Liberals. The Liberals may have won had it not been for a campaign-advertisement sponsorship scandal in which the Liberals paid advertising companies to produce ads, in order to gain popularity in Capitalist strongholds. Although Ampasora was cleared of any wrongdoing in a short but effective judicial inquiry, his party lost a substantial support base, and were defeated by Ell's Capitalists, who earned 54% of the popular vote and took a majority of constituencies in ten out of 16 provinces. The 1996-2000 government saw Ell's capitalists with 72 of 120 seats in the CLP and 63 of 100 seats in the Senatoro.

Ell was re-elected in September 2000 to a smaller but still stable majority, and again in May 2004 after an electoral reform process increased the legislative branch's size from 120 in the CLP to 240, and 100 to 120 in the Senatoro. The current government under Ell sees his party, renamed to the Federation of Progressive Democrats in 2004, with 129 of 240 seats in the lower body CLP, and 61 of 120 in the Senatoro.

Public opinion

With his balanced approach to governing the country: a fearsome military and powerhouse economy, but a strong social fabric to unify the nation, and his seemingly endless supply of charisma, good nature and debating skills, Ell has, in the eyes of the people, become one of this country's greatest leaders. Not only is he highly revered here in Pacitalia, but around the world, other countries have positive comments towards him, and many more even know who he is, something that was never really accomplished by the twenty-three prime ministers before him.

Ell enjoyed an average 74.3 percent approval rating while in office, the highest of any prime minister in Pacitalian history.

Intellectual status

On 15 August 2005, Prime Minister Ell received his final grades back from his extensive six-year study of Environmental Science. Receiving a score of 91% on the final examination for the field of study, the Prime Minister in turn was given a Doctorate in Environmental Sciences the next day. This elevates him to become legally intellectual in Pacitalia and gives him the extra title of "doctor".

Apart from that pomp and ceremony, this degree in Environmental Sciences enabled Ell and his government to become more attuned to the needs of the natural environment and the requests of the Loyal Opposition of the Republic, the Green Party. This could have neutralised the opposition party, but Ell had repeatedly said he would rather use his new skills and knowledge to cooperate with the Greens in finding suitable, sustainable and environmentally friendly socioeconomic strategies.

Ell also holds four Master's Degrees: in Representative Law, in Criminal Justice, in Political Science and in Public Administration. All are from the University of Mandragora.


On 8 November 2005, after nearly nine and a half years as prime minister, Mr Ell announced his resignation on the basis that he wanted to keep Pacitalian democracy strong by bringing in fresh blood, and to spend more time with his wife, as they prepare to bring their first child into the world in early 2006. Indeed, that child, christened Fiorenza Rosa, was born 18th February, 2006. His last day in office was 25th January 2006, the day of the next Pacitalian general federal election. An FPD leadership race took place in late December, with Constantino Sorantanali named the successive leader of the party; he would go on to win the election.


Dr Ell returned to Pacitalian politics in the spring of 2007, leaving his position as Chief Executive Officer of Bluefox, Pacitalia's largest personal technology manufacturer, and as a visiting professor at the University of Mandragora, to run for the archonacy, seeking the Federation of Progressive Democrats' nomination. Defeating three other candidates to earn the FPD nomination, Ell's campaign far outstripped others in terms of finances, scope and breadth, and on 9th October, 2007, was elected the "rebooted" Pacitalian Republic's first head of state, earning 61,5 percent of the vote and defeating his closest challenger by a landslide, the PSC's Diego Zuna. Ell assumes office on 1st November, 2007, following his inauguration ceremony.


In recognition of Ell's lengthy tenure and his many accomplishments while in office, many nations have offered official honours to reflect on the effects of Ell's leadership both in Pacitalia and around the world. With the honours Ell has received, his official title is His Royal Highness, The Right Honourable, The Prince Signore Dr. Timotaio (Timothy) Fortanescu Amacano Jared Ell, MPP, CC, RPID, KGCSE, KGC-MNOP, KOGP, PGM, CMDS, Duke of Træhammer, Marquess of Upper Harbourd, Marquess Ell, Count of West Doheans, Viscount of the Outer Coasts, Baron of the Six Streams.

From the Grand Duchy of Hamptonshire

Mr Ell is a hereditary Duke, as Duke of Træhammer, and a hereditary Count in the region of West Doheans, in the Grand Duchy of Hamptonshire. He has also been given the honourary title of Prince of Hamptonshire, and was invested with the Grand Duchy's thirty-eighth Knight Grand Commander of the Order of the Sacred Eagle on 8th November 2005. In addition to this, Ell also holds the Hamptonian titles of Marquess of Upper Harbourd, Marquess Ell, Viscount of the Outer Coasts and Baron of the Six Streams. And on 23rd January, 2006, he was made a member of the Royal House of Pyotr-Hampton, meaning that he and his descendants are of full royal blood and lineage for as long as the royal house exists. It has long been a joke that Ell has received all the possible honours of the Hamptonian state; this latest honour, quite possibly the greatest of all, should certainly seal the deal.

From other countries

Also on that day, Ell was given the titles of Knight Grand Commander of the Most Noble Order of the Palm and Knight in the Order of the Guinea Pig from the United Kingdom of Azazia and Dutch Democratic Republic of Knootoss, respectively. Ell also holds five degrees, one of which is a doctorate. On 23rd January, 2006, the Incorporated States of Sarzonia awarded Ell their first ever Presidential Gold Medal, which is a newly-created award that serves as the nation's highest civilian recognition award. Ell was named as a High Companion of the Order of Canada shortly after the election had come to a close. In addition, Roach-Busters has built a Timothy Ell Museum to honor Ell's legacy, as both a man and a politician.

Future return to politics

With the sharp decrease in the popularity of former prime minister Sorantanali and his subsequent expulsion from office, many see Dr Ell as strongly considering a return to the prime minister's office despite the recent birth of his first child. Sources close to the former PM say his wife has been encouraging Dr Ell to throw his hat back in the ring because of the need to stabilise a fractured FPD.

Personal life

Dr Ell is known to have an avid interest in classical studies, boasting a significant library of Ancient Roman and Greek literature, and even a Greek sculpture from the year 14 BC. Dr Ell also owns three dogs, all border collies, and reportedly enjoys a good scrimmage game of football, or when the weather is nicer, bocce and badminton. Dr Ell and his wife are also members of the Pacitalian National Coffee Club, and he claims to have tried over 100 varieties of coffee but says he is "partial to the Espressati Fangia bean" grown in Pacitalia (source).

Dr Ell also enjoys strong friendships with Marshal J.L. of Roach-Busters, Emperor Titus Celmaetus of Comatica and Alistair Tetley of the United Kingdom, as well as with Galadriël Táralóm nos Círdan, former prime minister of Knootoss, his "adopted" sister Princess Anne of Hamptonshire and with the Lord Protector, Philip Rosecrans. Dr Ell and the late Grand Duke Reginald Leopold I of Hamptonshire were also said to have been good friends.

Prime Minister of Pacitalia

Preceded by:
Francesco Santo Ragazzo
1996-2006 Succeeded by:
Constantino Sorantanali

Ministry of the Government of Francesco Santo Ragazzo
Cabinet Posts (2) / Special Positions (1)

Preceded by:
Fatima Pantagrela
Agustinate of Transportation
Succeeded by:
Alora Campatina
Preceded by:
Marco Mazzalani
Agustinate of Defence
Succeeded by:
Eleftherios Venizelos Jr.
Preceded by:
Francesco Santo Ragazzo
Leader of the Federation of
Progressive Democrats
Succeeded by:
Constantino Sorantanali

Positions in the Peerage System of the Grand Duchy of Hamptonshire

Preceded by:
Grand Duke Christian IX
Duke of Træhammer
Succeeded by:

Preceded by:
Gen. Arthur Brimsley
10th Count of West Doheans
Succeeded by:

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