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Major Incidents

Trained Salmantic Intelligence Forces

The Tropics of Vilita offer a neutral alliance to the Disputed Territories of Salmantic. VOIA forces will be sent to Salmantic to train and work alongside Salmantic Intelligence agents in this period of transition for the Salman government. Vilita offers Salmantic this intelligence in return for military protection and extended Non-Interference between the two nations in hampering the quality of life of our respective citizens.

The Tropics of Vilita would also like to formally acknowledge the re-establishment of governmental rule in the lands of Salmantic, and wish Salmantic and it's people in their re-united effort.

Approval of Space-Age Transport

Technology: Researchers at the Diamindokere National Laboratories have put the finishing touch on a system designed to transport small, trueform objects from one point to another in a system resemblant to that used in the Cellular Phone Network. No Successful test have been achieved on any Live Organisms up to this point.
The device currently can transport objects as large as a piece of Paper a distance approximately equivalant to that of the distance between the Capital of Crystilakere to the lands of Old Babylon in the Northern Region. This will allow the instant transportation of small objects between almost any two nations in the region, once tested and approved by other governments.

After Carefully Studying Testing and Researching this new Technology, The Vilitan International Technology Agency, a Division of VOIA has given the Crystilakere breakthrough a four-stamp approval, and suggests that production should increase over the next year.

VITA is insistent that all member nations support the furtherment and implementation of this technology, as the potential is there for this advancement to ease communication and file sharing throughout the region. The ability to send Documents accross the Cove with no Duplication process taking over could prove invaluable in a time of Regional Insecurity.

VITA, with the approval of the VOIA High Board, has appointed Emerging Technological Researcher Miltvo Juraaiia to lead in the VITA-Based effort to learn more about this technology and how it can be improved beyond it's current level. TR Juraaiia will work hand in hand with researchers in Crystilakere, and no 'secrets' will remain unshared between the two Technology Centers. Juraaiia has also suggested that the nations of Lamoni and Ainorpisp be briefed on the new technology, and his assistant, STR Vlindigar Miiaos will visit both countries this month.

Investigation of the death of John Nwoko

Assasination of Mr. John Nwoko

Location :: Owls National Stadium, Yeaddin

Hosts :: KBS Broadcasting via Yeaddin Owls AFC

Affiliate Nations :: Xile, Crystilakere

VOIA Intelligence specialists have determined that initial reports on the assasination of KBS Broadcaster John Nwoko by a coalition of Xilan and Crystilakere Snipers have been off the mark. While originally thought to take place during the opening Krytenia v. Xile matchup, it is now believed that the Xilan government has laxed it's position on the matter, and will wait to see what kind of mood they are in following the match before deciding whether to go ahead with the plan. It is believed that the only thing that can prevent the assasination from going forward would be a 2 goal victory for the Bullet Wounds.

Discovered Northern Atlantian Oceania Landmass

Northern Ice Cap Landmass

Location :: North of South Osettia, Old Babylon

Size :: 22% of Atlantian Oceania

Temperature :: - 23*C

VOIA Scientists have discovered that the Northern Ice Cap relative to Atlantian Oceania is in fact, not just a giant mass of frozen water, but a Giant Landmass with years of cold weather and iced water covering it. The discovery was made during a routine levels check at the VOIA facility in the South Eastern portion of the Icecap. The potential for scientific research is now greater than ever in the frozen region, as the possibility of learning about life on the landmass prior to it's being iced over arrives.

Investigation on the Stralphi Ambassadors Assassanation

Stralphi Ambassadors to Soul Expression Affair

# of Terrorists :: 9

Terror Organization :: Babylonian Resurrection

Nationality Breakdown ::

As expected, we have found a majority of the terrorists to be from the group of former Xilan Citizens who refused to leave during the great Xilan Relocation. We have determined that Uiltafat Sync, the only one of the group still holding a Xilan passport, was acting soley due to relations with the Old Babylonian group members, and did not receive any support from the government of Xile. Therefore, the only possible leads as to the motive for the capture and assasination of these ambassadors lies elsewhere.

VOIA has come to the conclusion that either the Old Babylonians were hired by the Stralphi Government to off it's aging and ineffective ambassadors in a way in which they could claim reprecussions from foreign governments (Xile); Or, in a less likely scenario, The Disputed Territories of Salmantic plan to join forces with Old Babylonia, and take control of the entire North Western Territory.

Nojika Spies in Soul Expression

VOIA Officials have conducted a private investigation into this matter. After weeks of intelligence gathering, they reported back to the Vilitan Government. In their report, the VOIA intelligence agents deduced that the reports of spies from Nova Roma entering Soul Expression space for the purpose of gathering intelligence against the Expressionist Regime are entirely unfounded.

No evidence was found to support the claims by the Soul Expression government, and the Vilita government is now pushing for Soul Expression to explain their reasoning for manufacturing such a story; in an effort to dispurse some of the hostile tensions abundant in the southern cove region.

Without embarrassing the Soul Expression embassy too much, VOIA can tell you from just one weeks investigation everything you need to know about these two men. They are Nojikan. They acquired the passports in preparation for the terrorist attacks by Nojika against Nova Roma. There were 3 planned attacks, but the last two were scrapped after the results of the first were seen. These men were gathering intelligence for a privately funded Nojikan terrorist group called "Noj Kissane".

VOIA has been tracking these men for sometime, even before the Roman affair, and had it not been for Soul Expressions unwillingness to share necessary information, a positive identity could have been made on these two men within an hour, not a week.

Re-Acquisition of East Gate City

VOIA forces come in to inspect the destruction at East Gate City. Shortly it becomes clear that the once formidible protectorate is no more. The force of the Roman attack has split the island in two. The Eastern half has collapsed upon itself and formed a northen extension. VOIA troops quickly work with local governments of Xile and Salmantic to take control of the two halves of what used to be the Protectorate of East Gate City. The two halves will remain under Salmantic