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Founded in 1767, Aurelias is a Cravanian province located in the region of Thirteen Zeros. It is a prime holding of the Empire, featuring one of the largest agricultural economies of the Overseas Territories, as well as a bustling industrial economy. Aurelias is mostly famous as being the testing area of the first Excalibur-type laser, which is the most famous stage of the Project Divine Shield network.

Location: 0000000000000
Established: 1767
Population: 24 Million
Governor: Sir Anthony Beckett


Aurelias is home to a small garrison of both Imperial troops and Aurelian Self Defense Force forces, which act as a reserve in the area. Aurelias is one of the few Overseas Territories to operate its own Self Defense Air Force, thus providing it with increased air defense cover. The ASDAF is equipped with both CF-1 Banshee and CF-2 Abaddon fighter aircraft, and currently operates five squadrons of aircraft. (36 CF-1 Banshee, 24 CF-2 Abaddon)

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">f1aurelias.jpg
An image of an F-1 Banshee in Aurelian colors.

In addition, Aurelias has the largest land Self Defense Force of the Overseas Colonies, and is the only territory which operates the M20 Mackall, albeit in small numbers. The mainstay of Aurelian land forces is the M4 Spartan, while the MBT of choice is the M55.

Infantry units in the ASDF are armed with the G65 carbine as standard, in contrast to the CR-20 MAR being the standard of the Imperial Military. The ASDF, however, uses an older varient of Cravanian Six-Color camoflauge to better suit them in the cold Aurelian climate. Aurelias is often covered in snow, and as such the ASDF is trained mostly in winter tactics.


Like most other Overseas Territories, Aurelias is primarily an agricultural area. It does, however, have a bustling industrial center in Malvina, which has allowed local business to succeed on the international stage better than most companies based in Overseas Territories have. Currently Hunter-Sergon Aerospace Industries has a large plant located outside Montignac, which is currently the largest single employer of Aurelians. The second largest employer of Aurelians is the Sapinian Arms Corporation, which has two factories in the territory. One serves as its custom weapons workshop and the other a producer of its military arms.

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