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Cravanian Crave
Symbol of the Crave
Imperial Bank of Cravan
Issued 1867-Present
User Cravan and territories
Inflation 2.12%
Pegged by None

Coins 1k, 5k, 10k, 20k, 50k
Banknotes ç1, ç5, ç10, ç20, ç50, ç100, ç500

The crave is the common currency of the Eastern Havenic Empire and her Dominions, first issued in January of 1867. The crave has since risen to become the tenth most powerful currency in Haven.

Appearance and Denominations

The crave has changed its appearance numerous times over the years, usually having a dominantly green shade with bits of white mixed in. However, the latest incarnation of the bills come in Imperial Blue, with gradients of forest green mixed in in some areas. These designs were issued in late 2006, replacing the aging design first issued in 1974. Kosars, meanwhile, have changed little over the years. All kosar coins are made from nickel, and one-hundred kosars adds up to one crave.

Unit (OCP) Obverse Reverse
1k Emperor John I Falcon
5k Empress Vanessa I "Torch of Liberty"
10k Emperor Michael I Mountain Laurel
20k Lloyd Peterson Imperial Crest
50k Currently Reigning Monarch Imperial Crest
ç1 Current Monarch Current Monarch
ç5 Alzgarn Bridge Alzgarn Bridge
ç10 Skyline of Gracemeria Skyline of Gracemeria
ç20 Skyline of Laurana Skyline of Laurana
ç50 Imperial Hall Imperial Hall
ç100 Imperial Senate Building Imperial Senate Building
ç500 Imperial Palace Imperial Palace

Each banknote and coin is printed with its own specific design, all of them a symbol of Cravan's power or history. The 50k coin and ç1 bill are printed with the current monarch, to denote what years the bill was created between. Currently the only designs of this bill in circulation are those printed with the images of Emperor Matthew I and Emperor Robert II, since the new design of the crave was introduced late last year.

All coins have a notable figure printed on the front, and on the reverse a symbol of Cravanian culture. For example, His Rt. Hon. Lloyd Peterson, the first Head Director of modern Cravan, is featured on the front of the 20k coin, while the reverse side features the Imperial Crest. The Imperial Crest is featured both on the 20k and 50k coins.

Banknotes, however, have the same design imprinted on both the front and reverse, with the only difference between the two sides being the positions of the Crest and number denominations. Each banknote is imprinted with a fourteen-character serial number in the ratio 6:4:4, with the last number of the first set of six being a letter and the rest numbers. These randomly generated serial numbers operate to prevent counterfitting, as well as a Cravanian flag implanted in holographic foil located directly above the serial number.

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">cravecopy-1.png
A ç50 banknote.

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