Balkan City

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Balkan City
Nation: Asgarnieu
Function: National Capital/Special Autonomous Region
Population: 200,083,201+
Leader: Mayor Alexandra E. Mortensen

The Balkan City Metropolitan Area (Balkan City Metro) is the capital of Asgarnieu. Balkan City Metro is also a Special Autonomous Region in Asgarnieu.




Balkan City was founded in 1552 and was the 473rd Incorporated City/Town in the infantile nation. Due to Balkan City's geographical location (the center of the nation), it became the central trade hub of the nation and outlying areas. The city was incorporated with just 23,543 residents in 1752. The Downtown area was fully completed in 1559, and was comprised of 8 general stores, 4 clothing shoppes, and various other stores. When the nation became The Holy Empire of Asgarnieu, a large castle was construced just south of Downtown. It became the Capital of The Holy Empire later that year. In 1729, the city became the capital of the Province of Druids (Druid Province). It still had not become the capital of the County of Reginald. In 1744 it became the County Seat. Soon after that, several hundred-thousand immigrants and citizens moved to the city, due to its high income and low taxation rates. The city reached a population of 1,000,000 in 1779. It became the largest city in the nation. Since then, the population has climbed exponentially and has not faltered. It is still the largest city in the nation. In November of 2006, it became a Special Autonomous Region of Asgarnieu.

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Balkan City South District at night.


According to the 2005 Census of Asgarnieu, Balkan City was home to 200,084,000 citizens. The city was made up of 167,871,229 homes and 199,547,007 non-residential buildings. There were 517,983,670 vehicles registered to the city.

Suburban Areas

There are 7 suburban areas attached to Balkan City.

  • Balkan South
  • Vice City
  • Washington Point
  • West Gerhard
  • West Valley
  • Webster East
  • Plymouth Lake


The city is divided into districts to allow ease of passage through certain areas.

  • Arts District
  • South District
  • Market District
  • Government District
  • Central District
  • Suburban District
  • Economic District
  • Health District
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Balkan City Central District.

City Government

Balkan City used to be the capital of Reginald County and Druid Province, until it became a Special Autonomous Region in November of 2006. The whole of the Balkan City Metro area is part of the S.A.R.

City Services

Balkan City is a fully-incorporated city, and has all of the services of a fully-incorporated city.

Waste Removal

The City of Balkan runs and maintains its own fleet of waste removal vehicles and removes the waste daily.

Sewer Systems

Sewer Systems are maintained by City of Balkan Waste Removal.


The Balkan City Water Authority controls and maintains the water flows in, out, and throughout the city.


The City of Balkan has its own electricity maintainance department. Within city limits is 1 Nuclear power plant, which generates most of the city's energy needs.


There are several police agencies in the city. Balkan City Royal Police Department operates in the city as the main law enforcement agency. Other agencies include:

  • Balkan City Airport Police (Polices airports)
  • Balkan City Marshall Department (Provides assistance in apprehending criminals)
  • Balkan City Constable's Department (Serves warrants and enforces statutes)
  • Balkan City Suburban Police (Polices suburban areas)
  • Balkan City National Capital Police (Polices the capital)
  • Balkan City School Police (Provides security for schools and colleges)
  • Asgarnian National Police (Polices nation)

Fire Departments

The Balkan City Fire Department is the main agency in the city.


There are 200+ hospitals in Balkan City. There is also a health department in Balkan City.


Balkan City is served by many international and public airports. They include:

  • Balkan City International Airport
  • Balkan City Executive Airport
  • South District General Aviation Airpark
  • Suburban District Airport
  • North Side Heliport
  • Market District General Aviation Airfield
  • Quincy G. Barnett Airport
  • Terram Field
  • Roseau Airpark
  • Mountain Airport

The city is also served by an extensive freeway and highway system. It also has a monorail and subway system. The subway makes stops every 5 miles, and the monorail every 3.


Schools are maintained by The Balkan City School District.


The University of Asgarnieu is located in downtown Balkan City near the Balkan City International Airport. It serves millions of students every day. There are also several privately funded colleges and universities in the city.


Balkan City's future looks very bright. Population is projected to continue growing until about 2049, when it will cap off.

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