Commerce Heights Capital Territory

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Capital Territory
Nation Commerce Heights
Official language English
Capital Commerce Heights
Largest city Commerce Heights
Population (67 CE est.) 272 000 000
Establishment 14 Feb 2 CE
Admission to Unified Capitalizt States
Date 14 Feb 2 CE
Order 9th
Abbreviations CT, COM-CT

The Commerce Heights Capital Territory is an administrative region of Commerce Heights, separating the capital city of Commerce Heights from the surrounding state of New Manhattan. Unlike the states of Commerce Heights, it is not self-sufficient—it relies heavily on New Manhattan for services such as translation of laws. It was created in the year 2 CE, when Prime Minister Jack Dalton of the Überkapitaliztrepublik handed Commerce Heights to the Unified Capitalizt States. The territory includes nearly 100 small cities that make up the metropolitan area of the capital.

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