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This article deals with Consul as it relates to NationStates. For more general information, see the Wikipedia article on this subject.

A consul is a governmental official, usually in a college, given strong legislative powers, deriving from the Roman Republic, where they were first used. Nations or regions using consuls generally have some connection to Rome, whether by ideology or language.

  • The Meritocracy has an official called a consul, who acts as the head of the Senate.
  • Athamasha has officials called consuls, who control the largest level of subdivision, called a consulate.
  • Eredron is led by a Consul, who acts as chief of state and chief executive.
  • The Pastocian Head of State is know as the Consul.

In NS, too, a consulate is a form of diplomatic mission and the head of a consulate is known as a consul. In Knootoss so-called "economic consulates" are usually set up as full embassies only run by the ministry of economic affairs.