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Flag of Díneneru
Motto: The State exists to Serve
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Region None
Official Language(s) English, Middle Egyptian, Sindarin, Celestial (Rare)
Leader Titular Alliegance to Mephet'ran of the Necrontyr Empire and Sirithil of Menelmacar
Population 5,392,402
Currency Menelmacari and C'tani Credits 
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The Factbook of Díneneru


The Protectorate of Díneneru is a small Earth based nation, which has a comparaively long history. It is noted for some practice of magic, including the now largely extinct practice of necromancy. It is one of the world's rare examples of Colonialist theory actually working as promised. For more details, see the History of Díneneru. Díneneru also has one of the world's most exceptionally stable populations.


Location: Earth, Tropical Northern Hemispherical Location
Area: total: 1,759,540 sq km
land: 1,759,540 sq km
Area (Comparative): Slightly larger than Alaska
Coastline: 1770 Km
Climate: Mediterranean along coast; dry, extreme desert interior occasionaly broken by rivers.
Natural Resources: Fish, rock salt, marble, small deposits of coal, gold, lead, nickel, and copper, fertile soil in north east


Population: 5,392,402
Population Growth Rate: 0.0%
Birth Rate: 8.25 deaths/1,000 population
Death Rate: 8.25 deaths/1,000 population
Net Migration Rate: 0 migrant(s)/1,000 population
Life expectancy at birth:
total population: 130.00 years
male: 127.00 years
female: 133.00 years
Birth Rate: 2.00 children born/woman
Nationality: Noun: Díneneran(s)
Adjective Dínenerin
Species: Human: 100% - This figure accounts for citizens only, Foreign nationals are known to include other races.
Ethnicity: Caucasians 40%, Eastern Hamitic stock (Egyptians, Bedouins, and Berbers) 59%, Greek, Nubian, Armenian, other 1%
Religion: Middle Egyptian Religions: 47% Sirithilism: 12.6% Ctannism: 2.3%


Country Name: conventional long form: The Protectorate of Díneneru
conventional short form: Díneneru
Government Type: overseas territory of Menelmacar and The Ctan; administered by a joint panel consisting of Menelmacari and C'tani Viceroys, and a Chancellor
Legal System: A semi-elected semi-appointed judiciary.
Verdicts based on preponderance of the evidence; no presumption of either guilt or innocence.
Trials by tribunal of judges - three in most cases, seven on the Supreme Court.
Similar in many ways to English-style common law, but several differences also.
Does not recognize jurisdiction of either the International Criminal Court or the International Court of Justice.
Suffrage 18 years of age, universal
Head(s) of State: Viceroy Saeranavar Cinqué (C'tan), Viceroy Laerion nos Fithnurin (Menelmacar), Chancellor Sara Aramaven (Also Head of Government)
Legislative Branch: 140 seat unicameral assembly elected on a four to five year term.
Judicial Branch: High Court (twenty-eight justices appointed by Government, seven selected at random for each case), Appellate Courts, High Courts, District Courts.


Díneneru's economy is a comparatively technologically advanced one. The free-market capitalist economy grants firms and individuals impressive flexibility in all areas of operation. Military industries are very weak, given the nation's protectorate status. Other industries are usually in a 'thriving' state, however. The nation's primary industry is usually strong, with service sectors stable.

A large part of Díneneran economics revolves around temporary exported labour, often in supervisory roles. An additional, if small, source of revenue are several research institutes that probe the secrets of 'magic.'
GDP Purchasing Power Parity: USD 144,170,000,000 (M€ 67,055,813,953.488)
Population below poverty line: N/A (no known long term sub-poverty line population.)
Electricity Production: 0 J
Electricity Consumption: 2.303*10^17 J (63,983,333,333 kWh)
Electricity Exports: 0 J
Electricity Imports: 2.303*10^17 J (63,983,333,333 kWh)


Díneneran communications infrastructure is one of the nation's most advanced traits, sporting high international quality in many places.
Internet Country Code: .dn


Railways: 1.435-m gauge
Merchant marine: 306 ships (1,000 GRT or over)
by type: bulk carrier 19, cargo 100, chemical tanker 19, container 92, passenger 17, passenger/cargo 57, refrigerated cargo 2
Air/Gravports: 10 (significant)


Military Branches: Díneneran National Guard, Díneneru Coast Guard, Near Space Command,
Foriegn Forces: Díneneru is occasionally host to foreign gravitic vessels, Díneneru has a garrison force of around one hundred foriegn military personnel from both the MIDF and the C'tani Empire in times of peace.
Military manpower - military age and obligation: 18 and over are obliged to undergo 6 weeks training for the DNG.
Military expenditure: US$ 5,882,596,094 (M€ 2,736,091,206)

Transnational Issues

Intnl. Disputes: None. Díneneru is a territory of other nations, and foreign policy is decided overseas.
Illicit Drugs: Minor producer of illicit drugs, Díneneru has legalised 'low risk' drugs for the public, and is rarely a target for international smuggling operations.

The History of Díneneru

Pre-Colonialist Period

The Protectorate of Díneneru was originally the independant nation of Aligreth, which, several generations ago, became ruled by a 'vampire' who was largely thought of poorly and resented by the population, in the style of most opressive dictators.

After instigating a percieved attack on 'the elves' during a period when this was common and reacted against harshly by the Confederacy of the C'tan, and after instigating a confrontation during a supposedly diplomatic event, Aligreth was rapidly conquered by the Confederacy, and in particular its navies. This resulted in an occupation period of several years during which the government was restored.

A mass exodus, combined with several epidemics followed after Confederate departure reduced the population and eventally caused the total disintegration of the state.

Protectorate Period

Since then, over the last two centuries, Díneneru invited the now Empire of the C'tan to retake control of the country. In combination with experts from the Noldorin Empire of Menelmar, a new, semi-official, state was set up, and used to ratify a colonial prescence. This done, the newly established state of Díneneru was able to operate with generous management from its 'protectors' and rebuilt to a surprising degree.

Out of Character Notes

Díneneru is mostly a factbook writing project, and may or may not be considered extant, depending on how one views 'puppet use.'