Democratic Communist Party

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the party's logo, featuring a dove for peace, a star for hope, and a hammer symbolising both workers' rights and the building of a new society

A political party in the Ariddian Isles, in power in Ariddia and North-West Ariddia. The DCP is the main opposition party in West Ariddia.


The party was born in 1930 as the Democratic Party (Parti Démocratique), but soon renamed itself Democratic Communist Party. It first came to power in 1985 with the election of Xavier Gris and the consequent birth of the Social Republic.

Key ideas

The party lays the emphasis on social rights. Its priorities include jobs for all, health care, housing, and also responsible ecological behaviour.

note: In North-West Ariddia, the DCP has begun moving towards a semi-capitalistic system, legalising free enterprise, albeit still with very strong social regulations. In the PDSRA, by contrast, free enterprise has always remained illegal.

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