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Knootoss has had a number of very different Heads of State. Once ruled by the Emperors of Lavenrunz, the independent Knootoss had Stadtholders of the House of Knootcap, whose heads later became the Stewards only to be finally replaced by democratically elected Prime Ministers.

United Provinces of Knootoss

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Prince Maurice of Knootcap, Prince of Knootcap, Stadtholder of Holland and Zeeland (1586-1625) and the second Prince of the West

The people of Knootoss rebelled against Lavenrunz as early as 1566, and the Knootian Declaration of Independence was issued in 1581. In this declaration the Staten-Generaal renounced the Emperor of Lavenrunz, vowing to seek another prince to take the United Provinces of Knootoss under his protection. No prince was ever found and the United Provinces were ruled as a Republic by the Staten.

However, William of Knootcap had been the leader of the Knootian Revolt, and the House of Knootcap was bestowed with numerous titles including that of Stadhouder. If anyone, The Princes of Knootcap had been the leaders of the Knootian Revolt during that period. In the period 1581-1800 there were two groups: one (mainly the mercantile oligarchy) claiming that the Staten-Generaal had sovereignty over Knootoss, and another group claiming that it merely shared power with the stadtholders or that it was subordinate to them.

Stadtholders and stadtholderless eras:

The Knootian Republic

The invasion by Der Angst (1800-1810) meant that there was an intermittent period of foreign leaders. With the return of the House of Knootcap the family claimed the title of ‘Steward’ of all the provinces of the Knootian Republic. (see here)

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Johan Rudolf Vogels, member of the Vogels family and the first Knootian Prime Minister who was also head of state.


Knootian Prime Ministers

While Johan Rudolf Vogels had been Prime Minister before 1867, the events surrounding the death of Amalia of Knootcap meant that the Prime Minister was now declared to be the Head of State. (see here). Roel Vogels made a number of institutional reforms that created, amongst others, the Knootian Federation and the beginnings for the Dutch Democratic Republic.

Prime Ministers of the Knootian Republic: (pre-RP)

  • Johan Rudolf Vogels (1867 - 1872) - Progressive Democratic League
  • Prime Minister Oud (1930s) - Liberal Party
  • This is by no means a complete listing, as it only includes pre-RP Prime Ministers which have been relevant in RP so far.
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Rudolf (Roel) Marcus Vogels, also of the Vogels family. Prime Minister in an SLP-led coalition for eight years.

Prime Ministers of the Dutch Democratic Republic: (Modern history)