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The Cup of Harmony is a tournament for roleplaying nations, which failed to qualify for the World Cup. The term Cup of Harmony was invented by Warnocks Wizards, who hosted this tournament parallel to WCIX. However this was not the first installment of a tournament for non-qualifiers (sometimes called: 'Losers Cup'); parallel to WCVIII, the Frosty Invitational Tournament was hosted since a high number of roleplayers failed to qualify. Despite other names for succeeding tournaments, the name Cup of Harmony became used by the sporting community.

The Cup of Harmony is an official event of the World Cup committee. Its results affect the KPB-ranks of the participants and are an additional incentive to roleplay during the World Cup.

Among notable incidents in Cup of Harmony history is the famous "voodoo dice" incident in Cup of Harmony V, during which several of the results were decidedly fishy. Particularly Melmond's 7-0 win over Praying2God caused some eyebrows to rise around the sporting world, as the Melmondians had a less than glorious football history before the tournament - however, matters were resolved, and "voodoo dice" became a way of explaining results that did not exactly fit the norm (see also Margaret)

It looked briefly as if this tradition would cease. With the seventeenth World Cup seeing most of the former organisers qualifying (only The Belmore Family of former, still active hosts were knocked out), little interest was shown in hosting the tournament, and the outlook for this once-great tournament became rather bleak. However, Sarzonia eventually stepped up to host the ninth Cup of Harmony. Real life prevented him from hosting the tournament, so The Lowland Clans and Rejistania acted as stand-in.

In CoH12, Kylaai became only the second team to win the Cup of Harmony twice, Cockbill Street having been the first team to manage such a feat of sporting prowess. In the feats of futility, Legalese is the only nation to have ever been the the CoH final more than once without winning it, flopping in the finals of CoH X and CoH XI . They also are the first side to reach consecutive CoH finals, with Hockey Canada matching that feat in CoH XV and XVI. Melmond became the first team to appear in three Cup of Harmony finals, appearing in CoH V, IIX and XIII .

Cup of Harmony Hosts and Results

Frosty Cup (World Cup 8)
Hosted by Tanah Burung
Final: Total n Utter Insanity beat Nikea 2-0
Cup of Harmony 1 (WC9)
Hosted by Warnocks Wizards
Final: Warnocks Wizards beat The Weegies 2-0
Supercup (later named CoH 2, WC10)
Hosted by Tranquillitis (a puppet of Nikea)
Final: Iansisle beat Tranquillitis 3-2 After Extra Time (AET) on Golden Goal (FT: 2-2)
CoH 3 (WC11)
Hosted by Brazillico and Spaam
Final: Commerce Heights beat Brazillico 1-0
CoH 4 (WC12)
Hosted by Brazillico
Final: Cockbill Street beat Dance 2 Revolution 4-0
CoH 5 (WC13)
Hosted by Melmond
Final: Melmond beat Kaze Progressa 3-2
CoH 6 (WC14)
Hosted by Vilita and The Belmore Family
Final: Vilita beat Jeruselem 4-2 AET (FT: 1-1)
CoH 7 (WC15)
Hosted by Melmond and Krytenia
Final: Cockbill Street beat The Lowland Clans 3-1 AET (FT: 1-1)
CoH 8 (WC16)
Hosted by Cockbill Street and Raptor Claw
Final: The Belmore Family beat Melmond 4-3 on penalties (2-2 AET)
CoH 9 (WC17)
Hosted by The Lowland Clans and Rejistania+
Final: Kylaai beat Snub Nose 38 2-1
CoH 10 (WC18)
Hosted by The Belmore Family and Cockbill Street
Final: Sarzonia beat Legalese 2-1
CoH 11 (WC19)
Hosted by Legalese++ and Lethislavania
Final: Lethislavania beat Legalese 2-1
CoH 12 (WC20)
Hosted by South Osettia and Liverpool England
Final: Kylaai beat Tadjikistan 1-0
CoH 13 (WC21)
Hosted by Rejistania and Legalese+++
Final: Gaian Ascendancy beat Melmond 1-0
CoH 14 (WC22)
Hosted by Lethislavania and Oglethorpia
Final: Nova Britannicus beat Kylaai 5-2
CoH 15 (WC23)
Hosted by Krytenia and Druida
Final: Nedalia beat Hockey Canada 1-0
CoH 16 (WC24)
Hosted by The Archregimancy and New Montreal States
Final: Hockey Canada beat Casari 3-1
CoH 17 (WC25)
Hosted by Praying2God
Final: Yafor 2 beat The Archregimancy 2-1
CoH 18 (WC26)
Hosted by Schiavonia and Milchama
Final: Turori 4 - 0 Bettia
CoH 19 (WC27)
Hosted by Spaam
Final: McPsychoville beat Wentland 7-3
CoH 20 (WC28)
Hosted by Schiavonia and Spaam
Final: Schiavonia beat Yafor 2 4-1
CoH 21 (WC29)
Hosted by Alasdair I Frosticus and The Archregimancy
Final: Milchama beat Magnus Valerius 2-0
CoH 22 (WC30)
Hosted by Dance 2 Revolution and Spaam
Final: Dance 2 Revolution beat Elves Security Forces 3-2 AET (2-2)
CoH 23 (WC31)
Hosted by Casari and Fmjphoenix
Final: Fmjphoenix beat Okielahoma 3-0
CoH 24 (WC32)
Hosted by Bazalonia and The Islands of Qutar
Final: Turori beat Spaam 2-1
CoH 25 (WC33)
Hosted by Unified Capitalizt States
Final: Zwangzug beat Ropa-Topia 4-2
CoH 26 (WC34)
Hosted by Turori
Final: Bostopia beat Kiryu-shi 2-1 on penalties (3-3 AET, 2-2 FT)
CoH 27 (WC35)
Hosted by Quakmybush
Final: Cafundéu beat Sativaville 4-1
CoH 28 (WC36)
Hosted by Kura-Pelland
Final: Dance 2 Revolution beat Kura-Pelland 2-1
CoH 29 (WC37)
Hosted by Bazalonia++++ and The Islands of Qutar
Final: Casari beat Vephrall 1-0

  • +Sarzonia was due to host this cup, but stepped down later due to RL issues.
  • ++While Legalese co-hosted the competition, RL issues forced Lethislavania to actually operate the competition.
  • +++Sonaron and The Belmore Family were scheduled to host this competition, but it ceased after two days and the teams had to be evacuated to Rejistania and Legalese.
  • ++++Bostopia was slated to host the tournament along with The Islands of Qutar, but was unable to, so Bazalonia did instead.

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