Stalins Soviet Russia

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Stalins Soviet Russia
Flag of Stalins Soviet Russia
Motto: "The beatings will continue untill morale improves."
Region Area 52
Capital Stalingrad
Official Language(s) English
Leader Stalin
Population over 1 1/2 billion
Currency Ruble 
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Way back when, in 2003, a newb stumbled across the world of Nationstates. The nation Stalins Soviet Russia was soon born. Meant to be an accurate representation of Russia under the rule of Stalin, it soon became a violent police state.

After getting sick of the North Pacific, SSR (Stalins Soviet Russia) decided to create the region of Alberta. A few friends were invited, and it soon grew to a healthy 35 nation region, with its own forums and government. SSR was the delegate, with the former nation of Jimbobistan in the vice-delegate position. After a extensive recruting campaign, about 20 new nations joined Alberta. Among the most notable were IM, The Nintendo Emerates, Saige Dragon and Bauschardt.

SSR is on a tour of NS, having left Alberta. SSR2 on the other hand, is in Alberta, lending a hand to the new delegate Thai Guy.