The Floydian States (Region)

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The Floydian States (Region)
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The Floydian States is a region founded by Floydists (specificaly Tetris L-Shaped Block). It never heald many nations and was really just a spring board for gaining controll of the region Pink Floyd. After existsing for 2 days, the August 18th Coup took place and the region Pink Floyd thus became known as The Floydian States, but existed in the region Pink FLoyd. After the september 23rd annexation took place, a few floydian states once again returned to the region. Since the old region had techincaly been "destroyed", the new age republic of Korp became the region's "Founder". On September 25th, they were once again broguht back to their home of Pink Floyd and all was right in the Church.

History of The Floydian States in Pink FLoyd


Ministers of The Floydian States Government in Pink Floyd

The Floydian States said it didn't need democraticaly elected UN Delegates or Ministers, because theirs were but puppets of the people.

Delegate: Tetris L-Shaped Block

Foreign Affairs: Philanchez

Internal Affairs: Socialist Freemen

Affairs relating to the church: Spooty

Important Member Nations in the Floydian States in Pink Floyd

Native Pink Floyd Nations

Floydian States Liberators

Former Member States


The Imperial Race's Puppet States

Durring the 4 day war, The Imperial Race created several puppet states to act as sleeper cells for him. Now that peace has been obtained, his puppet states reside in the region with their creator.

  • The Imperial Race, Tetris L-Shaped block's original enemy. After peace was brought to the region, The Imperial Race decided to make "Pink Floyd" his home
  • Imperial Mouth - Was the ambassador to The Imperial Race durring the entire conflict, but was ejected sevearl times, durring the initation of "Zero Tolerence" especialy.
  • Trade And Wealth - was part of the "Zero Tolerence" law and the attempted august 20th coup.
  • Jack of Blades, The cover story was that The nation came to the region because The Imperial Race is slowly attempting to dominate his former region of Greater Nova York
  • The Glorious Empire, The cover story was that he too was a refugee, for the same reasons as jack of blades
  • The Sixth House, The Cover story was that he was a friend of Jack of Blades who just got a NS account
  • -Socialist Republics-, The Cover story was that he was a friend of Jack of Blades who just got a NS account
  • House Tleilaxu is a puppet state that only came to the region once the war was resolved.

The August 18 Coup

August 18th 2005, the FLoydian states managed a bloodless coup (throguh region crashing), installing the current leaders. In Pre-coup "Pink FLoyd", The Floydian State of Pmirhs had been delegate for 93 days, and the creator -Pink Floyd- was long gone, suggesting the region was older than believed. Once the "liberation" was complete, the original region of "The Floydian States", was abandoned

Old Description vs new description

This region is for everyone, but especially for the fans of Pink  Floyd, to share their appreciation of the band and its music. If you arrive here for the opposite reason, as the great man says, "We're gonna send you home to mother in a cardboard box!"... 
Visit for the band's official site and also (fansite)

And the current one, which brought the Church Of Floyd with it

Welcome my son, to Pink Floyd! A traditionaly Left region. Our government needs not a democraticaly elected leader, because the current leader is but a puppet of the people! While, for the most part, we are members of the Church Of Floyd, follwers of anything are welcome EXCEPT RAP! U.N. Membership not manditory. 
Region Flag: floydflag4ov.jpg 
Ministers: Foreign Affairs: Tetris L-Shaped Block Internal Affairs: Socialist Freeman

August 20th Conflict and the 4 day war

For the Full article, see the article on the 4 day war

Due to the increaseingly tense standoff between The Imperial Race and Tetris L-Shaped Block, a group of nations lead by the imperial race tried to incite a rebellion in "Pink Floyd". Lucily for the region, the allies of Tetris L-Shaped block refused to rise up against their delegate, and the attempted revolution was quelled in its earlyest stages. The 'Player' of Tetris L-Shaped Block was quoted saying "ĉiuj viaj bazo estas membriĝas al ni", which translates to "All Your Base are belong (are in the membership of) us."

Several hours later, more conflict ensued, which lead to the region being locked for the remainer of the night, and rumors of a sleeper cell. The password was not accepted widely, and was protested by Jack of Blades. This only intensified the paranoia, and both nations were at odd, with the nations of Pink Floyd caught in the middle. The next morning, the restriction was lifted, and everyone became free to enter and leave as they please once again. Peace talks included a race for the position of "U.N. Delegate" to occur between The Imperial Race and Tetris L-Shaped Block. Weather or not to have an election was voted on via-referenda, and failed. Once failed On august 22nd, The Imperial Race officially adopted a ZERO TOLERANCE for the region (meaning that the Imperial Race will not collaborate with any nations that conspire with the nations of the August 18th Coup). The Imperial Race gave the government 24 hours to leave the region and abdicate all power to the emperor. This lead to the "protection law" to be once again in place, causeing nations accused of helping the imperial race to be banned, and the region passworded.

Misinformation trail

Durring the war, the nations of Pink floyd lead a mass mis-information campaign against the suspected sleeper cells. True information and plans were told to all old members of the region, but all other members (aside from Asthinia) were given falseified information to throw the imperial race off track. When the so called "protection law" was inacted, only two of the five suspects (one of which was not a sleeper cell), were kicked out. The Pink floyd leaders saw that continueing the misinformation campaign could have long benefits.

Peace & Agreement

On August 23rd, due to the negative effects on both sides, Tetris L-Shaped Block and The Imperial Race returned to three party talks, with Socialist Freemen as the observer. The eventualy reached an agreement called "Kvina-Periodo Interkonsento" or Fifth Period Agreemen (nammed after the fact that both parties came to the talks because of the very reason stated in the 5th period). The agreement called for :

1. The Region shall be unlocked

2. The Imperial Race and it's allys shall not attack or attempt to crash the region

3. The Imperial Race may enter and leave the region as he chooses (granted there is no threat from the emperor)

4. The forum image shall be taken down and replaced

5. The agression shall cease

It was stated that if any of the 5 periods are broken by either party, the doccument becomes null and void. All three nations signed and the doccument was made official 12:05.

Peace Disturbed?

Some speculate that the agression has not ceased at all in the region, and that the banning of the imperial race and region locking (September 13th) makes the agreement null-and void. Others say that the agreement was first disreguarded when the imperial race tried to start a war with the region (September 10th) by banning the very thing the region is founded upon. Aside from all that, others speculate that the agreement all in itself was made with a country that no longer exists, being that the agreement was made with the "million world empire of the imperial race", wile the country has since undergone many changes and emerged as "the United Imperialist States of the Imperial race"

see Floydism in the imperial race, Floydian Cold War, and The After effects of the 4 Day War

Either way, the agreement has never been officaly declared 'null-and-void' by either party, and it is a constant reminder to all peoples of the region that diplomacy can bring peace.

End of the Floydian States in Pink Floyd

September 23rd Coup

On September 23rd,The Republic of Gwynnedd lead a group of Empire Earth region crashers. They snagged the delegate position, password protected the region, and added a forum. The region crash lead to strife in the region, which ultimately ended in floydism's defeat.

Floydian States Description vs Empire Earth Description


Welcome my son, to Pink Floyd! A traditionaly Left region. Our government needs not a democraticaly elected leader, because the current leader is but a puppet of the people! While, for the most part, we are members of the Church Of Floyd, follwers of anything are welcome EXCEPT RAP! U.N. Membership not manditory. 
Region Flag: floydflag4ov.jpg 
Ministers: Foreign Affairs: Tetris L-Shaped Block Internal Affairs: Socialist Freeman

Empire Earth

Welcome my son, to Pink Floyd! An Empire Earth Colony. Our government was demoted and made provisory due to the recent take over! 
Region Forums: 
Ministers: Provisional Government going

Return to The Floydian States (Floydian Exodus)

After the take over, the nations of Palixian Reform, israelipalestine, Cumany, Philanchez, Socialist Freemen, Tetris L-Shaped Block, The Floydian State, Kaduna, Spooty, Korp, and Kevistis set a precident by fleeing the region in search of their original home, The Floydian States. This has left No FLOYDIAN nations left in Pink Floyd, and with inquisotors recently banning all Empire Earth citizens from the Great gig in the sky. FLoydists always say that they will once again take their home of Pink Floyd, by any mean's nessecary

Positive relations

Although the floydian nations were kicked out of their homelands, this event has brough tensions between the floydists and The Imperial Race down. The two ideologies nolonger clash and barely ever even mention the other. Some see this as an end of the Floydian Cold War.

Return to Floyd

On september 25th, The nationstates moderators displaced the Empire Earth's Pink Floyd delegate and nations for griefeing. The Floydian States quickly flead back to their beloved region and began rebuilding with the help of The Imperial Race. Durring the rebulind process, there were some issues with the mods that lead to The Imperial Race being deleted and other such things, and now the region still contains members who were part of the refounding. For more about the problem's with the Mods, see the Pink Floyd article

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