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Pink Floyd
Population: 3 Nation
Delegate: None
Founder: -Pink Floyd- (Refounded by Gurnias)
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

The Region's Flag during the rule of The Floydian States.

Pink Floyd is an region that was founded by apathic natives, and established by Floydists. It was conquered by an empire, and is currently rebuilding itself.

Member Nations

  • Gurnias
  • South Ohio

Former Member States

Note: All the nations listed here called NATIVES are just describeing Pre-August 18th Member states. According to NS rules, the "Floydian States Liberators" and "The Imperial Race's Puppet States" are all "Natives" (hence why it was griefeing when Empire Earth Took Over)


Empire Earth Invaders

(First Invasion)

(Second Invasion)

(Third Invasion)

(Fourth Invasion)

First Floydian Exodus nations

  • Asthinia was neither part of the August 18th invasion, nor a native of Pink Floyd, Asthinia just happened to arrive right while the coup was taking place. After the September 23rd annexation, he was ejected, because he gave Tetris L-Shaped Block the majority of endorsements. By ejecting him, Empire Earth was able to keep their grasp of the region.

DU Nations

Other notable former floyd residents


The History of the region is split into five distinct Eras, based on the government that ruled them.

The first regime was the Pre-Floydist regime, consisting of a sleepy little collection of four nations, lead by delegate -Pink Floyd-. Pink Floyd ceased to exist and little is known about the old regime except the member states.

After the August 18th Coup, the Floydist regime was started, called The Floydian States, and the Holy Church of Floyd became a part of the region's culture. On September 23rd, the Floydist regime was taken by a coup, which ushered in the current regime as an annexed part of Empire Earth (OOC: The mods then stepped in and kicked the invaders out).

Fortunantly no matter how much they tried Empire Earth could not break free and The Holy Church ate into their mind. For a short while the region went under a rebuilding process which ended abruptly when TIR was destroyed by higher powers (OOC:he was kicked by the mods) the rebuilding ended and Nations began to make their way back into the region. Seeing that the defences were down Empire Earth invaded again, this time they held the lands for only a short time before Floydian sympathisers destroyed the crashing invaders (OOC: the mods came in and deleted all griefers).

Darkest Side of the Moon Offshoot

Though little is known of Pre-August 18th coup floyd. What is known is that The United Socialist States of Van_a_gon lead a group of offshoots away from pink floyd to a now defunct region "The Darkest Side Of The Moon". On October 9th, after all the nations of The Darkest Side had been detstoryed by inactivity, he returned to Pink Floyd to find it had been completely changed.

The August 18 Coup

On August 18th 2005, the FLoydian states managed a bloodless coup (through region crashing), installing Tetris L-shaped Block as the delegate . In Pre-coup "Pink FLoyd", The Floydian State of Pmirhs had been delegate for 93 days, and the creator -Pink Floyd- was long gone, suggesting the region was older than believed. Once the "liberation" was complete, the original region of "The Floydian States", was abandoned.

August 20th Conflict and the 4 day war

For the Full article, see the article on the 4 day war

Due to the increaseingly tense standoff between The Imperial Race and Tetris L-Shaped Block, a group of nations lead by the Imperial Race tried to incite a rebellion in "Pink Floyd". Lucily for the region, the allies of Tetris L-Shaped block refused to rise up against their delegate, and the attempted revolution was quelled in its earliest stages. The 'Player' of Tetris L-Shaped Block was quoted saying "ĉiuj viaj bazo estas membriĝas al ni", which translates to "All Your Base are belong (are in the membership of) us."

Several hours later, more conflict ensued, which lead to the region being locked for the remainer of the night, and rumors of a sleeper cell. The password was not widely accepted, and was protested by Jack of Blades. This only intensified the paranoia, and both nations were at odds, with the nations of Pink Floyd caught in the middle.

The next morning, the restriction was lifted, and everyone became free to enter and leave as they please once again. Peace talks included a race for the position of "U.N. Delegate" to occur between The Imperial Race and Tetris L-Shaped Block. Whether or not to have an election was voted on via-referenda, and failed. Once failed on August 22nd, The Imperial Race officially adopted a ZERO TOLERANCE for the region (meaning that the Imperial Race will not collaborate with any nations that conspire with the nations of the August 18th Coup). The Imperial Race gave the government 24 hours to leave the region and abdicate all power to the Emperor. This lead to the "protection law" to be once again in place, causeing nations accused of helping the Imperial Race to be banned, and the region passworded.

Misinformation trail

During the war, the nations of Pink floyd lead a mass mis-information campaign against the suspected sleeper cells. True information and plans were told to all old members of the region, but all other members (aside from Asthinia) were given falseified information to throw the Imperial Race off track. When the so called "protection law" was inacted, only two of the five suspects (one of which was not a sleeper cell), were kicked out. The Pink Floyd leaders saw that continuing the misinformation campaign could have long benefits.

Peace & Agreement

On August 23rd, due to the negative effects on both sides, Tetris L-Shaped Block and The Imperial Race returned to three party talks, with Socialist Freemen as the observer. They eventualy reached an agreement called the "Kvina-Periodo Interkonsento" or Fifth Period Agreement (nammed after the fact that both parties came to the talks because of the very reason stated in the 5th period). The agreement called for :

1. The Region shall be unlocked

2. The Imperial Race and it's allies shall not attack or attempt to crash the region

3. The Imperial Race may enter and leave the region as he chooses (granted there is no threat from the Emperor)

4. The forum image shall be taken down and replaced

5. The aggression shall cease

see Floydism in the imperial race, Floydian Cold War, and The After effects of the 4 Day War

September 23rd Coup

On September 23rd,The Republic of Gwynnedd (a puppet of The Land of Lusitans) led a group of Empire Earth region crashers. They snagged the delegate position, password protected the region, and added a form. This marked the end of Floydism in the region, but Empire Earth still refers to its subjects as Floydists.

Floydian Exodus

After the take over, the nations of Palixian Reform, israelipalestine, Socialist Freemen, Tetris L-Shaped Block, The Floydian State, Kaduna, Spooty, Korp, and Kevistis set a precedent by fleeing the region in search of their original home, The Floydian States. Many other floydian nations are expected to flee, with inquisitors recently banning all Empire Earth citizens from the Great gig in the sky.

Kava Epoko (Fourth Era)

The Fourth Era was started when the moderators displaced the Empire Earth government for griefing. The region was in chaos and two of the nation's lead UN members, (Tetris L-Shaped Block and IsraeliPalestine, got kicked out (check the Tetris article for an explanation.) The Imperial Race decided to take the UN delegate position and help the floydians rebuild. The future of the region is unclear, and with the old delegate out of the UN, it is very unstable. Once into the rebuilding, the Defenders of Justice (who were going to help the floydians take back the region) came to the region to help with the rebuilding and put a stable UN delegate in power.

Mod Problems

Aside from the Mod's stepping in to stop Empire Earth and banning Tetris L-Shaped Block and IsraeliPalestine, more recently a problem occured with the rebuilding process. A part of refounding is having the region emptied and deleted, so most floydians left the region, but there were several inactive nations and Empire Earth sleeper cells. The then-delegate The Imperial Race took care of it by banning all EE states and seveal inactive nations, but the Mods saw this as griefing. After banning TIR from the UN, the floydians reacted and debated whether it was griefing, and the Mods decided they were too lenient and Deleted The Imperial Race (Though he still uses his puppets).

Kvara kaj duono Epoko (Fourth and a Half Era)

After the Moderation problems, most Floydians returned to the region, and call the current era the Fourth and a Half Era. but with most Floydian States not in the UN (and one deleted), the region's future was unclear.

Second Empire Earth Takeover

On Monday October 10th, Empire Earth took back their rebellious mandate, lead by a puppet of Fatmother, called Free Thinking Folks. They said they would boot any suspected defender nations. The attack came at somewhat of a surprise for the troubled floydians.

Mods Step in once again

Because Free Thinking Folks didn't give the password out to the natives, he was deleted for Griefing, and the region was once again returned to Floydian Control.

Third Empire Earth Takeover

Before the day of October 10th was over, Empire Earth took back their rebellious colony for a final time, lead by the puppet Open Minds. This time they distribited the password to floydian nations, but were not welcomed. Negotiations were tried, and a peace was reached, but only to be broken by a Second Floydian Exodus.

Second Floydian Exodus

Following failed defenses and the EE takeover, most floydian nations fled to new regions, They called them the Quad Floyd Allyance -The Floydian States, the Travelling Circus Of Spoot, The Divison Bell, and Pipier At The Gates of Dawn are those four regions. A new Qusi-Allied Region was formed by All Germany called The Axis Powers of Pink Floyd.

Second Floydian Rule

About 4 days after the takeover, Philanchez took back the delegate position and later most nations from the Exodus were brought back... The Future for the once small region became unclear.

Palestine Affair

During late October time the region of Palestine suddenly appeared in the minds of the PF nations, before no-one had heard of this religously motivated region. It began when a nation inside Palestine sent telegrams to High inquisitors warning them that Palixia was a traitor, and although this was highly unlikely the Inquisitors felt the need to investigate, and Palixia became paranoid and left the region.

Later the name Palestine would return, the EE nations would claim that Palixia had crashed PF using nations from Palestine (refering to the fourth invasion) but this conflicted with claims that Pink Floyd was under Empire Earth control, there seemed a possibility that Palestine could have been an EE puppet region but investigation by Spooty revealed that they were not. The relevance of Palestine still has not been revealed and remains a great internet mystery.

Fourth (and final) Empire Earth Invasion

In November, Empire Earth would return with its member Pensamento livre. Empire Earth would not take responsibility, claiming Palestine had crashed the region. This proved to be false, and the floydians seeked help. Pensamento livre turned on Empire Earth, and simultaneously the ADN came in and won Spooty the delegate position. Pensamento livre has since become a nation of Pink Floyd.

DU Breakoff

Early December, longtime floydian Philanchez went off to create a new region for Role Playing. This caused many floydians to leave the region, and lowered the population size once more. The Region, called Democratic Union, expects to grow in size very soon, which may destroy the region Pink Floyd. In mid December, a majority of Floydian nations left the region for dead, and withdrawed Pink Floyd from the ADN. The region is expected to be destroyed soon.


In an effort to keep the region less centralized, and yet togeather, there were no forums durring the floydian states rule and all communication was done via telegram or on the Civil Headquarters. Although, during times of crisis, makeshift forums were used (during the 4 Day War for example), and the Church Of Floyd forums had always been an option. During the 4 day war, the forums caused even more friction between the waring nations, which is one of the reasons it was decided to move away from centralized governments. Once the region was annexed by Empire Earth, Empire Earth made a Pink Floyd subforum on their forums, and made this the ONLY forums of the region. When the moderators displaced them, the pink floyd section was abandoned.

List of Delegates of Pink Floyd

Invaders marked by Bold

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