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Flag of Tidan
Motto: Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil
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Region Dawn
Capital Navguard, New Tidan
Official Language(s) Tidani
Leader King Kerain I
Population 5 billion
Currency Ti 
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Head of State: King Kerain I

Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy

Country Name:

convensional long form: The Clandom of Tidan

convensional short form: Tidan

abreviation: TDN


noun: Tidani

adjective: Tidani

Ethnicity of Tidan

Tidan consists of primarily two races. The dominant today is human, ancient celtic, who make up around 90% of the population and make up the leadership. The other is Arderial who were the original inhabitants of Tidan but today are a small remnant of their former power.



Before Tidan became over 90% human it was entirely Arderial. The Avian humanoids lived on the rocky world of Kharik prefering to live in the peaks and hunt in the lush valleys. They were very isolationist and prefered not to venture far into the galaxy. They had contact with a few neighboring empires like that of The Humankind Abh who visited their world several times during history. They built several large stations and became an important link in the trade routes through their part of the galaxy. In this way they discovered much about the universe around them and the inhabitants of it without leaving their home. After the discovery of the celts and their integration into Tidani society, Tidan suffered a pre-emptive strike from Mirror-Universe Tidan during the time of a large incursion of Mirror Nations centering around Nova Bazalonia. The biological weapon killed most Arderials and embedded itself in Kharik's ecosystems slowly killing the planet. After this holocaust the human faction of Tidan would take over the leadership role of Tidan and the Arderial Survivors have yet to recover.


Earthling Humans. Ancient Celts, taken from Earth during its iron age. They were taken from Earth to be transplanted on a suitable planet on the other side of the galaxy. No one knows who was responsible for the action or what motives they had. For unknown reasons the ship they had travelled in ceased function inside Tidani space. The Arderials rescued the celts from cryosleep and salvaged the ship. The Arderials gave them a home on their planet and have helped the celts advance technologically. Although not overly hostile, the Celts are very militaristic and much of their culture focuses on war.


Tidan's government is ruled by the King. The King accepts the existance of the House of Clans and allows them control over many policies.

The King

The King is the ruler and figurehead of Tidan. In the past the people have prefered to choose Kings from warlords or military heros and rarely come from lines. The current King, Kerain I, is a retired general who is very highly respected.

House of Clans

The House of Clans is a Parliament of all the clans in Tidan. They meet here to find consensus on issues, discuss matters of importance, bring forward the needs of their clans, and bring matters before the King. While they hold no power over the higher concerns of the government, they have been given much authority over civilian and local interests. The King often monitors meetings of the House of Clans and can be requested to attend at any time. To the King the House of Clans is a way of hearing the concerns and needs of the people of Tidan directly and giving the people some feeling of control over their lives while they allow the military to deal with the more important things like galactic relations.

Systems of Tidan

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Foreign Relations

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Advisor Lank Stelk (Arderial)

Tidan is a member of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. Representative: Senator Kaitlyn Faden (Human)

The Humankind Abh - Defense Pact still exists from when Tidan was a Protectorate of the Abh Empire and many close ties still remain.

Mythrandir - Trade Agreements, as yet no formal alliance has been formed but Tidan will defend Myth if threatened.

Incandescent Serenity - Free Trade Agreement, Mutual Defense Alliance

No Endorse - While No Endorse has left the GFFA, Tidan still retains close ties with the Inferno. They still consider No Endorse an ally who they will defend if needed, and have allowed No Endorse freedom to use their shipyards.


Security has been the cornerstone of Tidan society since its founding.

Department of the Navy

The Navy is responsible for Tidan's sovereignty and defense. This national force falls under the under the authority of the King. The department is divided into four major offices: Naval Command, Future Initiatives Division, Strategic Production Division, and Eclipse.

The Navy is a priority for Tidan and receives the second most funding of all government deparments. They are kept equiped with state-of-the-art equipment and receive galaxy class training. All citizens are required to serve in the Navy for at least two years, in the branch of their choosing. If demand is too uneven the recruits will be spread around. In the event that citizens are unable to serve, they are encouraged to serve in logistics. Manditory service bolsters the Navy's ranks, enstils pride and patriotism, and teaches descipline.

Naval Command

NavCom is the central organization in charge of all Tidani military forces. It is under the direct command of the King, who focuses all aspects of the military into one unifed force.

Tidani Star Fleets

The Star Fleets are the interstellar forces of Tidan. They are responsible for space actions and interstellar transport of the Marines. They operate a variety of classes of starship as well as the static, orbital, and planetary defenses.

Tidani Marines

The Tidani Marines are the infantry forces of Tidan. Under the command of NavCom, a division of the Navy, the marines are responsible for 'ground' actions on land, under water, and in space. The Marines include many different roles and bring a wide variety of weapons and vehicles to bear against all threats.

Future Initiatives

Future Initiatives is responsible for all research and development undertaken by the Navy. Future Initiatives operates as a section of Ti-Tech Industries.

Strategic Production

Strategic Production is responsible for all manufacturing and construction by the Navy. Projects include military installations terrestrial and vacuum, military factories for army and aerial, shipyards, outposts, stations, bases, weapons, networks, and other equipment. Strategic Production operates as a section of Ti-Tech Industries.


Eclipse is Tidan's Intelligence Agency. Though it is still a military organization under the command of the Navy, the necessary amount of secrecy involved in its working and autonomy given to it eventually resulted in an independent and parallel department. Eclipse falls under the direct command of the King who oversee and coordinate its endeavors and objectives with the rest of the Navy. Other departments, especially the NavCom, resent Eclipse because of the regularity with which agents appear within their ranks. Eclipse's mandate is to keep the political and military leadership informed of everything going on internally and externally, perform clandestined actions of the government, and to keep the government accountable. Fanatical devotion to these goals is instilled in the service, they see themselves and the knowledge they gather as the true power of the people of Tidan.

Emerald Guard

The Emerald Guard is Tidan's secret service and special forces under Eclipse. The Emerald Guard is secretive and independent from Tidan's military and law enforcement, reporting to the King through Eclipse. They are the action wing of Eclipse responsible for government and intelligence protection, clandestined operations, and act as a military police force in matters of sovereignty and national security. They are agents of Eclipse taken from or trained as naval special forces.

Civilian Police Authority

CPA is the national police force of Tidan. The officers are put through light military training and are equipped with advanced body armor, helmets, shields, and carry both lethal and non-lethal weaponry. Their specialties include urban combat, riot control, narcotic enforcement, and combatting organized crime. CPA is charged with enforcing national law, embassy protection, emergency assistance, as well as international security efforts. Currently CPA are engaged in a war against the growing underground organized crime and drug trade.



Ti-Tech Industries is Tidan's Information Technology, Robotics, Aerospace, and Arms Manufacturing giant. Ti-Tech is the largest and most important corporation in Tidan.

Biogen takes the study of nature to the next level. Their most successfull genetic engineers have tailored bacteria for many different uses. Biogen's successful creations include bacteria for lighting, oxygen manufacturing, biological weapons and weapon enhancers, and heating. Biogen has also been working on creating terraforming bacterium.

TNN The Tidani News Network is the official news channel of Tidan. The state uses it directly to release information to the public.