Trevor Bent

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Trevor Bent
Hometown:Druid Tribune
U21 Caps:Unknown
U21 Goals:Unknown
Clubs Played For:Vecchio Victors
Liga Starblaydia Goal of the Season Season 3


Trevor Bent is a highly consistent Druidan striker playing for Liga Starblaydia side Vecchio Victors. He scored the Goal of the Season for Season 3, which also marked his highest goal tally to date in 4 Seasons at the Vics.

Goal Tally

Season   Goals   Golden Boot Position
  1       16         10th
  2       15        =9th
  3       20         5th
  4       16        =13th
  5       24         4th
  6       TBA        TBA

Season 3's Goal

Phraen Palace Vs Vecchio Victors, Matchday 25
"A stunning 60-yard solo effort from Druidan Trevor as he picked the ball up in his own half, beat the entire Palace defence and slotted past a despairing Hans Eichel. Sheer brilliance."

Preceded by:
Akira Jones
Liga Starblaydia Goal of the Season
Season 3
Followed by:
Akira Jones