Axis of Absurdity

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Axis of Absurdity
Forum: none
Population: 57 nations
Delegate: Borkistan
Founder: Borkistan
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

History of the Axis of Absurdity

The Axis of Absurdity was founded by Borkistan and Spoonland (now defunct) in November 2002. Popular legend goes that when a well-known world leader was calling various things as Axes, such as the Axis of Evil, and came across those two nations and said, "man, that's gotta be an Axis of Absurdity". The name stuck, and we were impressed that he had the vocabulary to include such high level words as "absurdity". The Axis of Absurdity came about when regions were counted in the (low) dozens and there was only one Pacific. The delegate is Borkistan, as it has been since the beginning, with only brief and few interruptions (such as the great delegate paperwork snafu of September 2004) and a couple of region crashings back when the region was much, much smaller.


Membership in the Axis of Absurdity is not tied to ideology. Instead, membership tends to be based on randomness and weirdness, and though this is not even necessary, members tend to self-select based on this. There are nations from nearly every ideology, making for interesting alliances at times. However, it is a rather peaceful place between nations, though within them is another case. The Axis of Absurdity is a neutral region and makes no alliances with outside regions or outside nations. Those who come into the region to advertise for another region swiftly face the wrath of thrown pies (originally meant as a joke in the World Factbook entry, pies actually were thrown at a spammer and the tradition stuck).


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