Forrest Turley

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Forrest Turley
Chairman of the Chamber of Industrials, Chairman and CEO of NAD, Chairman of NDS.
Civili Status
Rumoured to be linked to the Order of the Invisible Hand.

Forrest Turley was born into a respectable, upper-middle class family in Stonebridge in the Dominion of Upper Virginia. From an early age, Turley was ambitious and interested in material success. In university he excelled in Economics and went on to earn a Masters of Business Administration at the University of Courtland. While studying for his MBA, Turley married Rachel Alksne, the daughter of the President of NAD - National AeroDefence. After graduation, he went to work for NAD as a junior executive.

Turley quickly rose through the corporate ranks, becoming a senior vice president by the age of 27 in 1999. When a shareholders revolt threatened his father-in-law's position, Turley sided with the Board, helping to oust Alksne as President. The move ended his marriage, but did make him the new President of NAD in 2000. By 2002, Turley had acquired enough of NAD's stock to force the board to name him Chairman and CEO. This, in turn, earned him a seat in the Chamber of Industrials.

Turley quickly became a protege of both Baxter Brandt, the Chairman of the Chamber, and the Chamber's Vice Chairman, Graham Yultilde. By early 2003, however, Turley had become disenchanted with Upper Virginia's military-dominated government and the Provisional Ruling Council. Striking an alliance with Yultilde and Major Richard Thorsen of the Special Security Service (SSS) (whom he had met as a result of NAD's work on the Ozymandius project), Turley began plotting to replace Brandt as Chairman of the Chamber. The Chairmanship would place Turley on the Provisional Ruling Council and allow him to work to bring down the dictatorial rule of General Craig Altman.

Following the Courtland Massacre in 2003, the objective changed slightly and Major Thorsen recruited Major General Becka Harrison, the head of the Dominion's military procurement and research, to front for a coup that topple General Altman. The first stage of the coup was the removal Brandt, which took place in 2004. In order to ensure Brandt's isolation, Turley also arranged from Brandt's removal as Chairman of NDS - National Defence Systems - and his own election as the new Chairman of NDS. The second stage, an aerial strike against Altman, was moved up following the assasination of Attorney General Diana Silina, who along with Altman and Turley had formed the Provisional Ruling Council. Following the strike against Altman, Major General Harrison proclaimed herself Provisional President of the Dominion.

Now, Turley controls two of the largest corporations in the Excalbian Isles and is one of the main backers President Harrison. Unknown to his co-conspirators, however, Turley has also become a member of the Order of the Invisible Hand. Turley has started a cell of the Order that includes some of his closest colleagues, such as Marcus Poole, the CEO of SysDim and now the Secretary of Commerce, and Elizabeth Pilmana, the CFO of NAD and now the Special Advisor to the President for Economic Reform. He has become closely allied with Knootoss and the new President of the Confederation of Soveriegn States, Thomas Caine.