Myrkul class battleship

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Myrkul-class battleship
BB-37 Myrkul
Class Overview
Class type: Battleship
Class name: The God Myrkul
Preceded by: Starburst class battleship
Succeeded by: N/A
Operated by: Bryn Shander, New Haven
General Characteristics
Mass: 612,000,000 tons
Length: 8,530 ft 2 in (2600m)
Beam: 2,887 ft 2 in (880m)
Height: 1,312 ft 4 in (400m)
Complement: 18,600 officers and men
Powerplant: 16 4TW Minovsky-Ionscoe Supercompact Fusion Reactors
Drives: -16 Particle Impulse Engines
-One Hermes Mk. 21 Jump Capable Hyperdrive
-One emergency solar sail system
Weapons: -One 1.25TW spinal megapartical cannon
-42x 12.5GW megaparticle cannons in 14 triple turrets
-896x 120mm autocannons in 448 twin mounts
-20x 1000mm torpedo tubes (12 fore, 8 aft)
Shields: 24 Aegis Mk. 36 60GW Shield Generators
Armor: 18,000mm multi layer Lunar Titanium-Ceramic composite
Auxillery Craft: -432 mobile suits
-864 fighters
-40 shuttles
Other systems: -Minovsky Craft System
-36 electromagnetic launch catapults with steam backups

The Myrkul class is part of Bryn Shander's Year 00 Rearmament Plan, and is designed to replace the aging Starburst class battleships and Inverse class dreadnoughts. Though less than half the size of the Inverse class dreadnought, the Myrkul class is significantly more powerful than the larger ship, and is the most powerful ship ever designed in Bryn Shander.

As the most powerful ships in the fleet, the Myrkul will be used as the primary counter to other powerful ships such as Auman's Gorgon class, Kajal's Titan class, and Zepplin Manufacturers Incorporated's Management Buyout and Hammer Of The Economy class vessels.

Twelve vessels of the class have been completed so far, and it is likely that orders for more will be submitted. The design has been exported to New Haven

Myrkul-class battleship
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Myrkul-class battleship
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