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The title given to this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is #NationStates2.

The #NationStates2 IRC channel was founded by Nanakaland on 16 November 2004 as a channel oriented to the average person interested in NationStates 2. Previously, Nanakaland used to frequently stop by #NationStates_Techincal just to ask about NationStates 2. They never knew anything, so Nanakaland made a channel where people who knew anything could go (or people who wanted to know anything). After a disagreement with the ops at #NationStates, Nanakaland made #NationStates2 a general NationStates 2-flavored channel. #NationStates2 is approaching its First Anniversary in which a week long party would take place.

#NationStates2 Operators and Regulars

Current Operators

Active operators in the channel #NationStates2.

Honorary Operators

Operators that do are not regulars (anymore) but still retain operator privilages.

Former Operators

Operators that stopped coming to #NationStates2 for one reason or another.

Channel Regulars

These are some people who frequent the channel often.

Former Regulars

These are some people were regulars of #NationStates2 but left.


Nanakaland was the original founder. When it was still small, JNE was almost always on #NationStates2, and NationStates was from almost the start, albeit much more sporadically. Nanakaland invited Rejistania to also be an op. Euroslavia, a friend of Nanakaland, became a sop there. Then, NationStates was aoped. After that, JNE and Goobergunch were added to the aop list. At first, their opdom had no benefits, but because #NationStates2 increased in activity, they now have power over something.

Melkor was opped later because he knows almost everything about NS2 (rivaled in knowledge only by Sal and Max, probably). Sirithil, a GM and close associate of Melkor came on shortly after, and because she was more active than Melkor, she too was aoped the same day.

The #NationStates2 team created #Jennifer_Government and reregistered the old channel #NationStates_Diplomacy which was dropped by EsperNet a while ago. They had the same ops and the same bot (NanakaBot). However, they never got anyone to visit so eventually, Nanakaland just let them die.

With the resignation of NationStates, an important aop, an auto-voiced user, NG, was chosen as a replacement. NationStates kept operator privilages, but ceased coming on IRC regularly. A short while later JNE and Euroslavia quit #NationStates2 for various reasons. Jon was also made aop because he was a frequent regular who returned months later. Euroslavia craeted #NationStates_2, a channel slightly stricter NationStates 2 talk (similar to the difference between #NationStates_General and #NationStates). Both #NationStates_2 and #NationStates2 get similar traffic rankings, but have different ops and regular bases (for the most part). The decision that finally clarrified that was made between Nanakaland and Euroslavia after a merger proposal failed. Later on, Snowfox joined the ranks of operators.