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---Under major reconstruction---

The Commonwealth of Riegab
Quod fieri non potest hoc faciendum est primo.
Region The Zanziik Repblic
Official languageRigavie Sutanio, German
Capital Ethnemka
Largest ReligionNeugiler
Emperor Natanili A. Hariosi
Chancerllor Haruvi M. Aniderusi
Aurea Minister Riani L. Varuni
Prime Minister Rigavi K. Monumi
Independence August 7, 1939
 - Total
 - % water
Ranked nth
## km²

 - Total (2006)

 - Density
Ranked nth


Currency 1 Ziik = 100 Shlotse
National Animal Panthera tigris (Tiger)
National Flower Iris sibirica (Siberian Iris)
National Tree Laurus nobilis (Bay Laurel)
Time zone GMT -##
Internet TLD .ri


For one of the longest periods of time Riegab was well known for her great democratic ways. She prospered unrelentingly, it was during this time she made the slow, yet expected transition to a more capitalizt state. Slowly as everything changed, Riegab begane to prosper even more, and yet there is a very low near nil poverty rate, will we see even more properity in the years to come...


Main article: History of Riegab

The modern nation known as Riegab started it's life as a colony of Anatania, it was in the early 1700s that they helped the Riegabans assassinate their oppresive emperor, Shlotsnok, afterwards taking over control of Riegab, though the Anatnaians had been living more or less side by side the native Riegabans since the early 1600s. It was only through several upstanding nationalists that modern Riegab was formed, in the early 1900s there started movements wanting for Riegab's independence. Later in 1939 they achieved it after years of peaceful struggle, although the Anatanian government granted it its independence and left, most of the origional Anatanians stayed and led very prosperous lives, in fact as a testement to them, most of the cities of Riegab bear names from the Anatanian language of Eubraute. More recently Riegab has seen it's share of troubles, a little less than a year ago she ended what could have been a full fledged civil war. A retired general from the army left after some problems there and came back hoping to create unrest with the news of the Chancellor being granted Emperor status. Although this was only as an honorary title, many thousands of people rallied with the general and attacked with two main battles, the Batte of Ethnemka and the Battle of Eutko. Because of actions taken at the battle of Ethnemka by a Buben general several buildings are now in the prosess of being cleared so they can be rebuilt.


Main article: Riegaban Government

Although for the longest time the government used to be a democracy it has slowly been drifting toward capitalizm and corporationalism, there are mainly three branches of government, the chancellery, the legislative branch, and the justice branch. The chancellery is comprised of several ministers specialized in variouls subjects, the grand ministry which houses the different minister, and the chancellor. The legislative branch is bicameral and is comprised of the senate and the house of commons, and the justice branch is mearly a group of magistrates that uphold the constitution.


Main article: Geography of Riegab

The geography is mostly the same throughout the nation, rolling plains and several rivers. There are two mojor islands in the nation, and in the south Riegab borders a rather large lake. Also to the south is the nation of Novoi Vechnosti which Riegab has a bit of control over, and there are many mountains in that region, this makes for particularly good mining operations.


Main article: Economy of Riegab

The largest corporation in Riegab is Smith & Deiters. Smith & Deiters is one of the most prominent weapons manufacturers in Riegab, they also dabble a bit in the resource mining and accusation field, more information can be found here Smith & Deiters Also one should note their large contribution in our government, they have their own appointed minister in the Grand Ministry, this is peticularly intresting seeing that the nation is slowly creeping down the path of Capitalizm. Despite this, Smith & Deiters is still the largest single contributer to our homless and disease foundations.


Main article: Demographics of Riegab

The three main languages of Riegab are Rigavie Sutanio, Japanese, and Latin. Rigavie Sutanio is the native language of the land, to learn more visit the main page Rigavie Sutanio. Japanese is spoken widely throughout the nation due to an influx in immigrants during and after WWII. Latin is widely spoken not only by the high class but by all, although most people of a lower education only speak vulgar latin. Latin is also used for any and all legal documents. Also German is spoken in the south east becuase many Germans decided to move to Riegab just as the Japanese did during and after WWII, there are also many Polish speakers in the German region because many of the germans that came over were from the border region with Poland. And also there are some people in the north east of Riegab that speak Numla Tar.


Main article: Culture of Riegab

The main religion practiced in Riegab is Neugiler, which is much like the Buddhust relgion, to read more on Neugiler see the main article Neugiler.